With the heat, Beaches they are at the movies Literally: new season of Cinema Lliurewhich fills the Sant Sebastia beach (Barceloneta) of movies facing the sea. Next Wednesday, ‘life was that‘, first screening of the season.

The Grec Theater He is ready to be the protagonist again. From next Wednesday, June 29, until July 28, the grec festival 2022 will fill the amphitheater (Santa Madrona, s/n) and other of the city’s most mythical theaters with 86 drama, circus, music and dance shows.

They are everywhere. Everywhere you look, dozens of Sale posters hit you in the face. With so much consumerist propaganda, you will end up asking for an exorcism to remove the spirit of Emilio Botín that forces you to set fire to the card. But there are cheap -and even sustainable- options to bask in the capitalist delirium of late June: second hand markets. This Sunday, at Blaquerna Square (metro Drassanes), return the Fleaone of the most famous in the city, specializing in second-hand sales, whatever it is, from the sixties table in your grandmother’s apartment to that sweater your father bought on his wedding trip.

twerking “spoiled and combative & rdquor ;. Thus define Upload Room (Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13) The Bellaquera, your reggaeton party that seeks a diverse, safe, respectful and prejudice-free environment where you can dance until dawn. This Saturday, he returns with a new installment.

It is one of the most famous and criticized episodes in the history of contemporary psychology. It happened in 1971, in the standford universityin California, where the researcher Philip Zimbard He asked for volunteers to carry out an experiment that consisted of simulating for two weeks that they would live in a prison, some adopting the role of guards and the rest of prisoners. The experiment had to be suspended due to the violence and brutality that emerged in just one week. Now, this dramatic episode is revived in the Eolia Theater (Bailèn, 23), with ‘The experiment‘, which recreates history.

Big names in music like Dua Lipa, billie eilish, Justin Bieber either Ariana Grande were, in their day, small emerging names that went through the MTV Push, an initiative of the music channel that aims to help them give the push to reach the ‘mainstream’. And, for the first time in its history, it arrives in Spain, which will hold three concerts from Friday to Sunday in PortAventura World. Write down the names of the ‘performers’, because they will soon sound familiar to you: Daniel Fernandez (June 24), Belen Aguilera (June 25), and Ptazeta (June 26th).

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From the typical “mother’s love & rdquor; fruit of drunken nights in Ibiza to the colorful backs of the Japanese Yakuza, the tattoos tell stories. And not only from each of the people who wear them on their skin, but also from the countries that have always had them present as an element of their culture. The exhibition ‘Tattoo. art under the skin‘ brings together 240 works, historical and contemporary, to explore the phenomenon in all its complexity and depth. Until August 28, in CaixaForum (Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 6-8).


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