CHSLD: still no action plan from Quebec, deplores the FIQP

In order to make work in long-term care centers (CHSLDs), whether public or private, more attractive, the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQP) asked Quebec City on Monday to put in place a plan fast acting.

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Several weeks after the publication of the reports by the Public Protector and the Health and Welfare Commissioner, the FIQP is unequivocal: the working conditions of CHLSD employees must be modified in order to attract workers. ‘artwork. The implementation of safe ratios between professionals and patients and the valorization of nursing staff are measures that could make it possible to curb the use of employment agency staff, indicated in a press release Sonia Mancier, president of the FIQP.

According to Ms. Mancier, all patients in residential care should benefit from care of equal quality, whether in the public, private contracted or private sector. Thus, the FIQP is asking for the adoption of a law on safety ratios in order to compensate for the inequalities between the sectors.

“The Public Protector and the Health and Welfare Commissioner, as well as the unions and associations of private and private establishments under agreement are calling for immediate action to ensure the quality of care for seniors,” mentioned Sonia. Mancier who does not understand why the provincial government is delaying in implementing these measures.

Recall that the pandemic that has been raging for two years now has shown many shortcomings in the accommodation centers where the first wave was particularly fatal due to the at-risk clientele living in these places.


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