Chronicle Latina mother fined for carelessness ended up in jail the Hispanic

  • Chronicle: Latin mother forgets to pay her fine and ends up in jail
  • The woman made the mistake of letting time pass without canceling the offense
  • Even though she is not a criminal she ended up behind bars as if she were

Chronic Latin mother fine. The United States is one of the few countries in the world where you don’t have to be a criminal for someone to end up in jail. It is enough to make a small mistake or forgetfulness, so that one ends up in a cold cell where only those who really represent a danger to society deserve to be.


Unfortunately, every day many innocents are imprisoned for minor infractions, especially in states like Georgia, where even urinating behind a tree, driving without a valid license or forgetting to pay a traffic ticket, are enough offenses that a police officer can stop you. when in other parts that would only carry economic sanctions.

In the wrong place and time ?: Chronicle Latin mother fine

Norcross Police Department

Last week Zulma Gutiérrez was driving her vehicle down a busy street in the city of Norcross (Georgia) with her cell phone in her hand, which is a clear violation of traffic regulations. The 40-year-old Salvadoran had no idea what fate had in store for her.

And it is that he ran into on his way with a patrolman from that town, who was just on the roads in search of drivers who commit infractions to impose the respective fines. It was Officer Jonathan Reyes, one of the few Hispanics who work in that police agency. Chronic Latin mother fine

Zulma answered a call from her daughter: Chronicle Latin mother fine

Chronic Latin mother fine
Norcross Police Department

Reyes turned on the lights of his unit to the driver and after approaching her after she stopped the march, explained that he had stopped her for going with her cell phone in her hands, which is illegal. “I know. Sorry. It’s that my daughter called me and I answered her ”, the woman told him, completely saddened when she was discovered.

“It’s okay. No problem. Please give me your driver’s license ”, the uniformed man replied kindly. She gave him the document and he went back to his patrol to review it, which is part of the protocol in these cases. Reyes was tremendously surprised when his computer warned him that she should not be driving. Chronic Latin mother fine

She had a suspended license: Chronicle Latina mother fine

Chronic Latin mother fine
Norcross Police Department

The agent got an alert when he entered Zulma’s information. They notified her that her driving license had been suspended for several months and that therefore she should not be behind a wheel. The woman was completely unaware of this situation, so the news fell like a bucket of cold water.

She knew perfectly well that this was more than enough cause for them to take her prisoner, so even though Officer Reyes did not want to do it, she touched him. The Central American cooperated at all times in all the instructions of the official. He did not even object to his decision, much less question his work. Chronicle Fine Latin Mother

For not paying a prior fine

the Hispanic woman will pay dearly
Norcross Police Department

It was not until she was handcuffed in the back seat of the police car that Zulma realized that earlier this year she had been given a ticket for running a red light. Unfortunately for him, he forgot that completely, so he missed the deadline and did not pay it.

Her mistake put her in a more than uncomfortable situation, because no normal and good person, as is the case with Zulma, is going to like imprisoned, even for a short time. The Salvadoran woman regained her freedom a few hours later after paying just over $ 1,000 in bail.

Reyes did not tow his vehicle

the Hispanic woman will pay dearly
Norcross Police Department

Agent Reyes was so cordial that he even waited for almost half an hour for Zulma’s daughter to show up to take her car and thus not have to tow it to him, which would have generated more economic losses. A tremendous favor he did him, as another patrolman calls the tow truck and voila, the wait is over.

Zulma will have to appear in court in a couple of months to try to resolve her situation at once. I hope he achieves it and without having to pay more money, because enough with that bitter drink that he had to pass through. I doubt very much that he will forget that appointment. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

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