• Chronicle: Girl was raped in her bathroom while showering
  • The suspect of having committed the outrage is the father of the minor
  • The police are looking for the subject to be held accountable for such a complaint

Chronic girl raped bathroom. Maria (not her real name to protect the victim) went to the bathroom to take a shower. At eight years old and being in her own home, she never thought that something bad could happen to her there, but how wrong she was.

And it is that suddenly, according to what she says, her father also got in. At her young age, she did not understand why she did that, but in the end, she was not a stranger, but the man who sired her and therefore did nothing.

The girl did not expect what was to follow. The 40-year-old subject allegedly got into the tub and began to touch it in an indecent manner.

When she felt, she had already been penetrated and by the individual she trusted the most in this life.

And according to the testimony that the minor gave before the authorities of the marietta city (in Georgia), where he resides, that was only the first, but not the last time that he suffered such abuse.

Apparently there were several occasions when she was abused, but at her young age, although it hurt a lot every time she was subjected to abuse, she never told anyone at the request of her own father.

For a long time she silently endured the rapes until, in early 2020, when she was already 12 years old, she received her first sex education class at her school.

The police are looking for Fermín Martín Ortero (PHOTO Marieta Police Department)

After discovering that what she was experiencing was not something normal, but quite the opposite, completely illegal, she went to her teacher to report what had happened to her.

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Chronicle: Girl was raped in her bathroom while showering

As expected, the case then went to the local police who immediately subjected the girl to forensic examinations, which unfortunately confirmed the veracity of her statements.

The little girl did not hesitate for a single moment in pointing out her own father as the individual who abused her, for which the investigators issued an arrest warrant against her for incest.

Upon learning that he was wanted by the law, Fermín Martín Ortero disappeared from the map.

Desperate, the mother of the innocent victim contacted the relatives of her ex-husband to expose the situation, but assures that they all turned their backs on him.

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Chronicle: Girl was raped in her bathroom while showering

None of her relatives believed her, despite the fact that she showed them evidence, but, on the contrary, they helped the suspect to evade justice, according to the heartbroken woman told me.

Among the evidence available to the family is a recording in which the defendant called the minor to try to convince her to retract her complaint.

In that video, the subject’s voice is heard begging him not to accuse him, because otherwise he will go to jail for a long time and tells him that he does not want that.

The girl said: “Dad, but then why did you do all that to me?”, To which he was silent.

The day after that call, Fermín was lost forever. Now, almost a year has passed since that complaint was filed and both the police and María’s mother fear that the attacker has fled to his native Hidalgo (Mexico), where he is from.

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“After this came to light, my children went into depression. I had to stop working and looking for Fermín to dedicate myself to helping them with their emotional problems. Frankly, I never imagined that someone’s own father was capable of doing something like this to his children, ”María’s mother told me.

If you know anything about the Mexican’s whereabouts, call the Marietta Police Department at 770-794-5300.

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Chronicle: Girl was raped in her bathroom while showering

What happened to this mother is more common than you might imagine. It is proven that most sexual abuse is committed by close friends to the victims, and not by strangers, in a nutshell it is something like that famous movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ (Sleeping with the Enemy).

There are so many cases of stepparents, neighbors, close friends, cousins, uncles, grandparents, siblings and even biological parents themselves who have sexually abused children with whom they lived, that they cannot even be counted.

I know that culturally Latinos are used to living in turmoil and that many families rent spaces to third parties to save a few dollars and that there are many people who change partners often.

Everything that I explained in the previous paragraphs represents a serious danger for our creatures and for that reason, I recommend again that we DO NOT TRUST ANYONE (and I write it in capital letters on purpose).

I hope you read me and take into account this terrible and abominable case. Thanks for reading my column today on MundoHispánico. I’ll wait for you in the morning, as always.

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