Christmas wishes

The third writing of the questions of girls, boys and adolescents is pending because there is an important topic and it is the Christmas wishes.

Christmas arrived and with it good wishes. It is a moment of reflection and forgiveness. Forgive and be forgiven, some say. Slate and new account to be in peace, say others. Finally, what is desired is tranquility and harmony for all – for the new year, health and work as well.

However, to achieve this requires more than good wishes and feelings. The environment in which you live makes a difference.

What would most Mexicans like for a Christmas present?

  1. Peace, we want a climate of peace. Insecurity causes one to live in fear. Fear of not returning home. Fear of sacrificing a night job and with it the daily livelihood, due to the stress of going out at night or early in the morning once the night work day is over and knowing that the probability of being mugged is high. However, what is most scary is to become another statistic of a robbery or, worse still, of a homicide or kidnapping. In addition to this, insecurity causes paralysis because parks and public spaces in general look more empty than they should and the economy to some extent does not grow as it could. Likewise, the transit by bicycle instead of by car means that the actions that should be taken to protect the environment are not taken. Ultimately, insecurity results in the loss of quality and quantity of life.
  2. Rule of law. There is impunity when the rule of law and the principle of legality are weak. If the rule of law is lacking, it results in the law being applied differently to people and that is the most delicate thing that can happen in a country. It also generates in another area – in the political one – a rarefied climate in which mutual accusations or, sometimes on one side, become the rule. In this uncertainty, the law of the strongest prevails, of who else weakens the institutions that want to do their job to clarify serious crimes that shake national life, such as those derived from political violence. In a state of law, nothing and no one above the law; No one should be sown evidence or unfairly charged, but no one should either create a climate in which to weaken or destabilize institutions to confuse the population because this prevents reaching the ultimate consequences to seek the truth in relation to crimes committed. .
  3. Respect for human rights. Particularly to the human rights of freedom, and specifically to freedom of expression. This, freedom of expression is a cornerstone of a democratic, constitutional and legal state. Like all human rights, it has limits, because morality, private life or the rights of others cannot be attacked, nor can it provoke any crime, or disturb public order. And here I return to point 2. whoever uses freedom of expression to destabilize can disrupt public order.
  4. Greater equality in income distribution and less discrimination. A country with as many asymmetries like Mexico generates more anger among society. Equality comes with having public services that reach the entire population, especially drinking water and education. Public education is both a human right and a public service. A quality education that covers, in addition to learning, other satisfactions such as clothing, where two complete “changes” are delivered that include everything from shoes to a sweater; Food, with at least two times, such as breakfast – which is available – but also school meals, will have positive consequences for future generations. Health care in each school would also help to lay the foundations for a more egalitarian society in the future. If each school had a doctor or staff doctor, who periodically check the children, if applicable, cover the vaccination card, but especially who treat them and provide medication when required for minor ailments, it would make a difference. Likewise, computers available at school for all the girls, with long-range WIFI networks and a staff teacher, a computer engineer, which opens the world of knowledge to both teachers and students.

Of these Christmas wishes, all important: public safety, rule of law, respect for human rights and in particular comprehensive education, perhaps the one that may have the greatest impact in the future, is the last one because with a better education, there will be more respect for the rule of law and less will be able to weaken the institutions or muddy the waters to confuse the population.

Even though it is a lot to ask, if I could ask for just one wish – that of public safety sneaks in because it is not subject to request – but in addition to that, the most desired for this Christmas is that there are schools in the most remote villages, which offer, in addition to quality education, all the basic satisfactions such as two nutritious meals a day – instead of one -; Also quality medical services in the school itself with a family doctor and necessary medications; in which beginning each school year they deliver at least two “complete changes” of clothing to each student and that; have access to high speed internet with computers for all boys and girls with a computer engineer as part of the teaching staff permanently.

I wish that peace and harmony reign in your hearts this Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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