Christmas Needs to be Pest-Free

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There’s nothing like running to the Christmas tree on that special morning to open presents and spend slow time together with family and friends. For kids, moments like these are pretty much childhood nostalgia incarnate, which makes it extra special for parents, too.

Nothing punctures the magic faster than seeing a pest inside, those squiggly gross icky little creatures! There may be snow on the ground, but the cockroaches don’t quit during winter. To keep your home clean, hygienic, and pest-free this Christmas, check out the services professionals can provide.

Potent Chemicals Unavailable Commercially

If you buy an anti-pest spray from the hardware store, it’ll kill a handful of the critters. You’ll see a modest pile of expired pests and rejoice, but the rest will keep coming back. The spray you use needs to eliminate the problem, not merely put a dent in it.

Experts like Greenleaf Pest Control in Toronto have their own custom sprays your hardware store doesn’t stock. They apply their specialized knowledge about various pests to create chemicals that will fully eradicate the infestation at the source. 

You can’t get these chemicals any other way, so don’t pay good money for a second-rate solution that doesn’t do the job fully.

Safe for the Environment and Pets

Don’t think the chemicals you use to ruthlessly kill pests harm the environment or pets in any way. Indeed, leading pest control experts use custom solutions with ingredients approved by Health Canada.

The chemicals won’t harm the planet or your beloved pets. Keep your home clean and safe this Christmas by entrusting your pest control to professionals. 

Genuine Expertise

There’s a major difference between knowing a few tips to clear out pests and having deep knowledge of every pest species. From knowing what attracts pests to knowing what kills them, genuine expertise is the difference between killing a few pests and eliminating them entirely.

Most people don’t realize what gaps they have in their k knowledge of pests, so they can’t tackle the problems on their own. Experts make it easy.

Good Manners Matter

The people you invite into your home should be well-mannered and respectful. You may feel a little out of sorts if you have a pest infestation, and getting put on edge by a rude stranger in your home is the last thing you need.

Look for a smaller, locally owned business led by people with strong relationships with each technician. Such companies can vouch for the behaviour of the people dispatched to your home.

From taking off their shoes to arriving on time and everything in between, you should expect good manners and professionalism from the people you hire to clean your home.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for fun and new cherished family memories. Looking back, you want to remember the jolly times had, not the gross and icky creatures who invaded your home during the holiday season. For pest control that keeps your home in proper order, look for a service that delivers on all the above.

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