Christmas Fund: COVID pushed the hairdresser into retirement

Pain has kept Manon from working with her hands as much as she used to.

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Manon was a hairdresser for about 30 years. He loved the job, but as the years passed, so did his chronic pain. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and people had to cut their hair at home, Manon says she had no choice but to call it a career.

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“I can’t do it anymore,” he said. “I have pain practically everywhere these days: my back, my legs. It’s not fun. “

She was already working part-time and reduced hours when she decided to retire, but while the work was painful at times, Manon said it was a good motivation to get out of the house and be sociable. Since leaving work, she has become more isolated, more wary of seeing friends. She is concerned about COVID-19 and a recent burglary at her neighbor’s house has her on high alert and she cannot relax. She spends most of her time at home alone.

Pain has kept him from working with his hands as much as he used to. Manon was an avid painter, but said she hasn’t created anything new in a while. One of the things she does to cheer others up is to sew hats for the babies that are born in the hospital near where she lives.

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