“In my culture, the opinion of the grandparents is really important and I could not be there.”

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Greta lives in a nursing home, and while she’s thankful there were no COVID-19 outbreaks there, the time spent mostly alone makes her think of her family.

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He has four grandchildren. Three live in the city and the other lives in Trinidad, where Greta is from. She is used to playing an important role in their lives, including taking care of children when her parents have jobs, but when strict rules at her residence kept her indoors for months, it took a mental toll on the typically optimistic grandmother.

“I couldn’t get out, I couldn’t do much,” Greta said. “I am used to helping. In my culture, the opinion of the grandparents is really important and I could not be there. They even had someone at the house bring us groceries and things we needed, so I stayed in my room. They took it very seriously and I respect that. I am very grateful to have succeeded. “

She moved to Canada long ago with the idea of ​​giving her children a better life, and while she has always been comfortable with her decision, the pandemic has her worried about the future.

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“Things are different now for young people,” he said. “They are under a lot of stress at school and with everything they do.”

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Greta is able to spend time with them again and wants to make sure the grandchildren emerge happy and healthy from this difficult time. But after waiting all year for it, he worries about Christmas with COVID-19 still present.

“I don’t want to get in the way,” Greta said. “I don’t want everyone to worry about me getting COVID because of my age and my health. Maybe just make short visits and bring gifts instead. “


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