Christmas Food: Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela

Christmas food: Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela, their similarities and differences

Every time we get closer to the most celebrated festive date of the year in Latin America and other parts of the world: Christmas or Christmas

And since we know that what is most enjoyed apart from the family, holidays and religious celebrations are the delicious dishes of the season, we bring you an article loaded with information, tips and curiosities that you certainly did not know about the meal most popular all year round.


Christmas is one of the most important dates for Mexicans, it is usually the time where the families get together for to share moments of happiness, and where also kitchen united.

They are characterized by their colorful decorations, piñatas, nativity scenes, posadas and of course their delicious local food. Here some of their typical dishes for Christmas.

  • For Christmas Eve Cod it is always a good option.

Also very eaten at Easter, cod is a type White fish, which for this occasion Mexicans usually season with: tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, olives, almonds and some varieties of chili peppers.

It is a dish originally from Veracruz, and very easy to prepare since it does not require ingredients that are difficult to find outside of your country.

There is no doubt that the turkey is a universal christmas dish. Although it is not Mexican, it has become part of its customs to prepare it in a unique way.

In the case of Mexico, they are quite creative and dare to fill it with other types of meat such as beef or pork, however, they have also added ingredients to the original recipe that only uses vegetables, adding others such as: butter, parsley, plums / grapes raisins and walnut.

They are a dish typical of Mexican cuisine, based on the romerito leaves, a plant or rather a quelite that grows in Mexico, and it is customary to consume mostly in central Mexico

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Romeritos are usually served with mole (chili sauce and spices), shrimp and potatoes.

It is a traditional dish in Mexico and part of Central America, it consists of a hot made of corn kernels, meat or chicken (depending on the region) and seasonings such as garlic, onion, chili peppers and oregano for seasoning. Usually the pozole is accompanied with toast, tortilla, avocado / avocado and sour cream, among other contours.

When it comes to drinks, Mexico is well prepared for the season. Punch is a refreshing drink made from arrak or palm wine brandy, combined with fruit juice. Depending on the tastes will be the fruits, since it can be combined with: tamarind, apple, guava, plums and even tea or lemon.

And if on the other hand what we want is a drink hot and sweet, be prepared of atole It will always be a good option for cold days, or as an accompaniment to a tamale or dessert. Champurrado is an atole of ground corn spiced with chocolate, piloncillo / papelón vanilla and cinnamon. It comes from the Aztec culture.

  • Apple’s Christmas Salad

And as to close there is always room for him dessert, this salad will surprise you with its flavor and versatility. It consists of the simple union of grapes, various types of apple (red, green and yellow), walnut, cream, pineapple in syrup and sugar. Easy, practical and delicious.


In Colombia they also give a joyful welcome to Christmas. In its gastronomy reigns the cheese, corn, papelón and banana leavesLet’s see how they use these different ingredients.

On Medellín Don’t miss the donuts! This sandwich represents an everyday life for Colombians. So much! That is eaten throughout the year. Donuts are small spheres of corn flour and coastal cheese or white. Many times they are also prepared with grated cassava, corn starch or banana depending on the area.

They are usually offered as a sandwich at Christmas dinner.

Continuing with the appetizers or snacks, we have the stuffed potatoes, as their name indicates, they are baked or fried potatoes that can be stuffed with cheese (traditional) as well as meat or pork. This particular dish can be found both on the streets of Colombia with its colloquial seasoning, and on the Christmas table with a more careful preparation.

Either stewed, baked or sancocho, It is one of the inevitable dishes in Colombian cuisine in December times. Most of these chickens are characterized by being Creoles or peasants, that is to say, raised in the field or farms, and not in the companies of the poultry sector.

As for desserts, a custard is the star of the night. It consists of a species artisan flan made with cornstarch, milk, cinnamon, grated brown sugar / brown sugar, butter and cheese.

Natilla is considered the typical dish of Boyacá, the Antioquia region and Cundinamarca. However, it is prepared in all regions of the country.

Also know as Lemon jam, is a traditional dessert from Valle del Cauca. His recipe consists of sweeten lemons for its preparation in syrup together with other fruits such as: orange, figs and grapefruits.

This is a typical food of Latin America, however each country has its modality, the Colombian tamale consists of cakes made of rice or corn flour stuffed with pork and beef, wrapped in banana leaves. In Colombia it is served together with arepa or chocolate.


In Venezuela, one of the most striking things at Christmas apart from religious holidays are the typical meals-that although they have things in common with other countries, they always have a different and indigenous touch due to the multicultural population it has.

It is the protagonist of the night. Often known as a tamale, the Hallaca represents a cultural legacy left by the Venezuelan aborigines after the Spanish colonization.

This is a wrapped typical and inevitable at Christmas, which consists of a cornmeal dough pigmented with onoto, and fill with stew (prepared from beef, pork, chicken or chicken, seasonings and a touch of cornmeal).

Additionally, it is decorated with vegetables (paprika, onion, potato and carrot) olives and raisins, to later be wrapped in banana leaves and be boiled later.

No turkey. In Venezuela you eat leg or sucker on Christmas’ Eve. The leg is an excellent companion for la hallaca. Its preparation is based on baking lean cuts of pork, which were previously seasoned with wine, garlic, thyme, rosemary or other aromatic herbs.

The chicken salad is the typical outline of the Christmas dish. Although there are many ways to prepare it, it usually includes: diced potatoes and carrots (boiled), shredded chicken, peas, mayonnaise and coriander.

Some people choose to add other ingredients like onion, apple, and even olives.

The second quintessential contour, and an ideal passover for Christmas gatherings. It consists of a bread stuffed with smoked ham, olives and raisins. Many times it is prepared with cream cheese or bacon, or although it is wrapped in puff pastry.

The most popular Christmas dessert in Venezuela is the milky sweet. It is a dessert prepared with chunks of milky, sugar, water, and cloves, so that the milky is like a kind of fruit in syrup.

Which country do you identify with? And what is your favorite Christmas dish?

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