Audrey hopes that working and parenting will be a tightrope act, but she’s ready for it.

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Audrey is used to taking the good with the bad.

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When she was unable to find work due to COVID and money was tight, she spent more time with her two children, who are five and seven years old. It was an opportunity to watch them grow and he is happy that he did not let those precious moments pass.

But Audrey still needed to find work. Fortunately, three weeks ago, he found a full-time job. You enjoy office work, even though you will be working directly during the holidays with just a couple of days off.

“I’ll keep working,” Audrey said. “I really like my job”.

It will mean spending a little less time with your children, but it is a sacrifice that Audrey and other working parents make. She hopes it’s a tightrope act.

For example, at the beginning of the school year, your youngest son was sent home because one of his classmates contracted COVID.

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“It’s not something you can really plan,” Audrey said. “So, he was learning from home and I had to be there.”

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His oldest son lives with his father and spends every other weekend with his mother and brother. It’s another example of how Audrey’s life has often been about finding the right balance. His daughter was already settled in school in her father’s neighborhood, and when the father made it clear that he wanted her to live with him, Audrey did not object. It’s not an ideal setting, but Audrey is happy they are together under her roof this Christmas. She is looking forward to work and being with her children next year.

“We don’t have anything special planned for Christmas,” Audrey said. “Just being together.”


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