Christmas background: Kind act turns into a nightmare for the woman

Alice’s nephew has taken over her apartment and is afraid to return after a verbal altercation left her fearful for her life.

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Alice thought she was doing the right thing three years ago when she took in a nephew who had been through hard times. He didn’t have much space in his little apartment, but he figured that once he found a job, he would move out.

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Fast forward to today, and Alice is sleeping in fear at a friend’s house while her nephew has taken over the apartment. Alice continues to pay the rent, but is afraid to return after a verbal altercation left her in fear for her life. Meanwhile, his nephew refuses to find work and constantly asks him for money to feed his drug addiction. She has tried everything to make it go away. Nothing has worked so far.

“I am a small and old woman and he is a young and large man,” Alice said. “I went to the police and they were nice, but they said it is a civil matter since he has never been violent. I went to the (rental board) and they told me he’s been there so long that he has certain rights. “

Alice lives off her pension and barely has enough to pay for her own expenses, much less someone else’s. She said he uses his size to intimidate her. He never makes any real threats that could involve the police, but he is a master manipulator capable of getting away with it. You have lost your home, your money, and you cannot afford a lawyer to fight for your rights. What started out as a pure act of kindness has turned into an endless nightmare for Alice, who is searching for any possible legal way to get her nephew out of his apartment and hopefully rehabilitate him for his drug addiction. Her dark sense of humor has helped her remain calm during this traumatic experience.

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