Chris Paul redefines perfection: 33 points on… 14/14 shooting!

A game of elimination. In the hostile environment of the opponent. All in the city where he became a superstar in his younger days in the NBA. The stage was set for Chris Paul to deliver a “Point God” performance in Game 6 between the Pelicans and Suns. In fact, he did a lot more than that….

There are nights like this when everything goes your way. Nights when nothing can touch you. Nights when basketball comes too easy. Chris Paul has long been accustomed to performances that push the limits of playmaking efficiency, but tonight he simply redefined perfection. Not for dropping a classic 15 steals – 0 turnovers, but for finishing the game with an incredible…. 14/14 shooting in his weasel duel with Jose Alvarado. 14 shots attempted, 14 shots scored. We repeat because it’s crazy: Chris Paul scored FOURTEEN shots on FOURTEEN attempts, for a total of 33 points. including eight in the final quarter and two with 30 seconds left to close the game. Add to that a perfect 4/4 on free throws (1/1 on three-pointers) and CP3 left the Pelicans gym without a single miss and with the standings in the bag. If that’s not a daron performance, we don’t know what is. And it took this absolutely perfect performance from the Dot God to dispose of these definitely clutch Pelicans, allowing the Suns to avoid a somewhat scary Game 7 at home this weekend.

Unsurprisingly, Chris Paul’s performance will go down in the NBA history books. We immediately took a look at the Twitter account of StatMuse to see where he ranks, and guess what, he’s up there in the “perfect shooting game in the playoffs” category. Never before has a player finished with that many points without missing a shot in a postseason game. Never before has a player scored so many baskets in a PO game without missing a shot. And to go further, only one guy did better if you take into account the regular season: mister Wilt Chamberlain (16/16 and 18/18). You get it, he’s huge. And the amazing thing is that this performance was achieved by a 36 year old point guard, who scored the vast majority of his points via mid-range shots. It’s one thing to be an ultra-dominant pivot who destroys everything in his path, and another to dissect the opponent in this way based solely on skills and intelligence. Too crafty, too skilled, a bit too lucky at times too, but above all too strong. It didn’t matter who was facing him tonight, he was rope, rope, rope. This sixth game on the Pelicans’ parquet clearly ranks among the best games of CP3’s career and allows him to beautifully close out a series in which he has dominated the debates several times. We don’t know about you, but we have the impression that Cricri is on a mission.

“We needed this. The team we had in front of us put a lot of pressure on you. At one point in the second quarter, I told coach I was going to be aggressive. And in the third, when I saw how the game was going and the fact that we were down by ten, I had to take charge.”

– Chris Paul, on his all-time performance.

While Devin Booker returned in limited fashion last night, Chris Paul took it upon himself to end the streak with a true masterclass on hostile ground. This Point God performance will be long remembered, and even more so if he finally gets the first baguette of his career this year.

Source of statistics : StatMuse, ESPN

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