Chocolate bars with “penis veins”

These days, one fake news in terms of food, it has generated not a few goofy explosions. The news assured that the famous brand of snickers chocolate bars had eliminated one of the most appreciated parts of its product: the crunchy bumps that cross the surface of its high-calorie bars. It’s what Snickers fans know as “veins of the penis”for its amazing resemblance to the natural ducts that run through the exterior of the male member.

A fake photo of a completely smooth Snickers chocolate bar, without a single vein, has been the food of this parody news. The most shocking thing is that many media outlets and Internet users have assumed that the news and the photo were real. These days are so absurd that, for some reason, it seemed plausible that Snickers had given in to the pressures of the woke culture and would have eradicated a toxic masculinity symbol on something as innocent as a chocolate bar.

They stay

The reaction from fans of Snickers and its veins has been furious. Those who have swallowed the number have raised the alleged controversy to question of state and have made it clear that without veins there is no paradise. Hence, the brand itself has had to step out and has published a tweet denying the hoax. “Good news: the veins stay & rdquor;published the horny CM of Snickers.

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In a time when they are sold by the shovel penis shaped waffles (with his testicles and all), we would need two lives to eliminate all the ice cream and pastry products that simulate or resemble phalluses. At the moment, it does not seem that we have to review and cancel anything, because after all the vein, like the truth, is always in the eye of the beholder.

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