Chip shortage triggers theft of new cars: Canacar

Lack of Light vehicles In agencies due to the problem of semiconductor shortages, the theft of new SUVs from godmothers has already tripled on the country’s roads, said Ramón Medrano, president of the National Chamber of Freight Transportation (Canacar).

The greatest impact of theft from carriers has been in the central states of the country, “they are paying us very hard”, which prevents us from reaching the concessionaires, said the businessman.

In the framework of the 21st National Forum on the Transport of Goods, organized by the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP), the president of Canacar pointed out that the State of Mexico is one of the entities with a high incidence of crime, “it continues to be a problem … And lately (it has been added) Michoacán, Jalisco and Guanajato has seen an increase ”.

In an interview, Ramón Medrano specified that the robbery of drivers of godmothers is a problem of concern, which contrasts with the rest of the sectors that have observed a decrease of 8% in this crime.

The losses are millionaire, considering that a godmother (the tractor and trailer) oscillate in the 7 million pesos, plus the 8 to 12 units that it carries, with a value of up to 12 million pesos.

“Lately we have seen an increase in the theft of cars without rolling, and this could be understood as a matter of supply and demand, there is no cars in agencies, the lack of components, chips and all this, that segment has unfortunately been severely affected in recent days by the theft issue ”, stated Medrano.

The largest number of robberies is focused on SUV vehicles, basically vans, in addition to sedans, compact and “all this, that has us very worried,” he said.

The president of Canacar said that the issue is already being punctually attacked “with the authority and we are going to organize regional strategies together with the authority. Bringing more protection, the way we operate, modifying it, but we can’t do it alone, we really need support from the authorities ”.

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