China tightens restrictions in city with 13 million people confined

The city ​​China of Xi “an, whose 13 million inhabitants are confined, announced on Sunday a” total “disinfection and the tightening of restrictions, coinciding with a level of Covid-19 infections that has not been seen in the country for 21 months.

The Asian country has imposed a “zero Covid” strategy since last year and has redoubled its vigilance to prevent a major outbreak before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, held in February.

But sporadic pockets of coronavirus. Following an outbreak, the city of Xi “an, known for its terracotta sculptures, has been confined since Thursday.

On Sunday, Xi “an announced 155 new cases of coronavirus, adding up to a total of 500 in recent weeks. To curb the spread, authorities claim to have successively tested the entire population.

Some 29,000 people were isolated in hotels, He Wenquan, a senior Xi “an official, told reporters.

On Sunday a “total” disinfection will begin.

And the restrictions have been tightened. Only one person can leave each home every three days to buy basic necessities. Until now, it was possible to go out every other day.

China It has been applying the “zero Covid” strategy for a year to limit the appearance of new cases as much as possible.

China announced 206 new cases on Sunday, the highest number in a single day since March 2020.


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