China responds to war, by Rafael Vilasanjuan

One of the recurring questions about the conflict in Ukraine, at least on this side of the world, is: how can it end? Among the cabals there are all kinds of theories, from those that aim to allow an honorable departure from Putin, to those who advance in the line of reinforcing the Government in kyiv so that it continues to confront the Red Army, limiting hostilities to the east of the country. West in a hurry because the sanctions that are punishing – much harder than their oligarchs – millions of voiceless Russian citizens, they also hurt our economies, where inflation turns middle-class wages into something akin to ration cards. Here, the average citizen has a voice and the risk that Europe is broken on different fronts increases as the war drags on.

With their hands tied to avoid a nuclear confrontation, only China could stop barbarism. But are you interested in stopping this war? Unlike Russia, the yellow giant lives by processing products that are then distributed around the world. The high costs of transportation and the cut in purchasing power cannot harm you any more. Logically, China should play a very active role in ending the conflict. But he’s not up to the job. We have had the answer this weekend at the Defense summit in Singapore. China’s war is not fought in Ukraine but in Taiwan. China considers the rebellious island to be a historical part of its territory, just as Putin considered that Ukraine was not a country outside of Russia. The Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, has accused the West of interference and has acknowledged at this summit that his country is investing in and testing state-of-the-art weapons. Although the military option is ruled out for now, Beijing considers that the annexation of the island is a historic mission. How to oppose the Russian invasion, if they share the same concern with Taiwan? The answer to his position in the Ukraine is precisely there.

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