China records highest daily number of Covid-19 infections since 2020

The health authorities of China They have reported this Saturday the highest daily number of registered Covid-19 infections since the Wuhan outbreak two years ago, according to the DPA agency.

Specifically, the National Health Commission has reported 588 cases in the last 24 hours on its mainland, of which 112 have been imported.

These data represent a tiny figure compared to other countries, since the Asian giant has a population of 1,411 million inhabitants.

But still, China It is facing a new wave of coronavirus that has led it to register the highest number of Covid-19 cases in two years.

A lockdown was imposed on the northeastern city of Changchun, after hundreds of cases were detected there. The new restrictions only allow one person per household to leave the house to go shopping.

Also, the 9 million residents of the city will be tested for the virus.

Following the Wuhan outbreak in early 2020, China adopted a “zero covid” policy against the virus, prompting authorities to take very strict measures to prevent its spread.

In the last two years, outbreaks have hardly existed thanks to the testing of large parts of the population and the massive closures.

However, the Omicron variant, detected in the country for the first time in January, has led China to take its restrictive policy further.

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