China and South Korea continue to bet on investing in Nuevo León

Monterrey, NL. In the first edition of Invest Monterrey Business Talks Asia, who organized the Investment Promotion Agency of Nuevo León, Asian companies already established in the state participated, such as the assembly company Kia Mexico, the industrial park Hofusan and Kuka Home Mexico, who highlighted their good experience with human capital, and the state’s friendliness to continue investing. Proof of this is that the capitals of China and South Korea FDI increased by 140% and 31.20% in 2020.

China has invested 135.7 million dollars in Nuevo León, from 2010 to the second quarter of 2021. Investment from that country in 2019 reached 20.7 million dollars, and in 2020 it increased 140%, according to data from the Federal Ministry of Economy.

Meanwhile, the FDI from South Korea from 1999 to the second quarter of this year, amounted to 2,417.3 million dollars, while in 2020 it grew 31.20% compared to the previous year, with a total of 354.9 million dollars.

“When a Chinese company decides to invest in Mexico, especially in Monterrey, we have a perception that is surpassed by reality once we realize how friendly the state of Nuevo León is to invest,” he highlighted Jiang Xin, vice president of Hofusan Industrial Park, the first Chinese investment park in Latin America.

Jiang Xin highlighted that the park’s clients have experienced their highest productivity and sales records after setting up their operations in Mexico.

Hofusan Park was developed by Holley Group, Futong Group and for the Santos family. Its planning area is 850 hectares and it is located in Salinas Victoria, 200 kilometers from the border with USA. Among the companies that have settled in the park are a Hisense plant, a producer of household appliances, and a manufacturer of rooms Kuka Home Mexico.

Simon Huang, CEO of Kuka Home México, highlighted the rapidity of their growth in the state and the good experience they have had working with the human capital of Nuevo León. “Kuka Home México’s plans are to continue investing in Monterrey and Mexico (…) for Kuka Home it is a great pride to be able to contribute to the state and national economy,” he mentioned.

The commercial economic adviser of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Zou Chuanming, sent a virtual message, in which he emphasized the competitive advantages of Nuevo León and its developed business ecosystem.

South Korea

In turn, the senior manager of the Korean assembly company KIA Mexico, Victor Aleman, indicated that after five years of starting the manufacture of light vehicles in the state, they have managed to exceed 1.2 million units produced and just over 1 million exported.

KIA’s operations in Nuevo León are a benchmark in terms of the implementation of high technology in manufacturing processes, and it is also one of the companies that has stood out for its broad empathy and integration with the local community.


For his part, the CEO of JETRO Mexico (Japan Foreign Trade Organization), Takao Nakahata He pointed out the importance of strengthening trade relations between Mexico and Asia, and specified that it is necessary to further strengthen economic exchange between these regions to achieve more results that benefit both parties.

Japan has invested from 1999 to the second quarter of this year, 1,724.7 million dollars, in 2019 the capital that it disbursed in Nuevo León was 166.3 million dollars, however in the year of the pandemic, the investment had a disinvestment of – 8.8 million dollars, according to the Ministry of Economy.

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