Chilean Congress approves a law that obliges clubs to hire female soccer players

The Chilean Congress approved a law that obliges the Professional Sports Limited Companies (SADP) to gradually enter into an employment contract and ensure remuneration for women footballers of the teams participating in the local women’s tournament.

The measure was approved on Monday night by the Chamber of Deputies by 143 votes in favor and 1 abstention, and aims to “provide guarantees regarding the form, content and duration of the employment relationship” between the teams and the players, as well as “the periodicity in the payment of remunerations,” the Lower House said in an online statement on Tuesday.

The rule will come into force six months after being published in the Official Gazette and will be implemented gradually.

Within three years, the professional teams must comply with the obligation to hire the players who participate in official national competitions in the adult category.

As of the first year of validity of the law, the clubs must comply with a minimum labor contract equivalent to 50% of the total campus. For the second year at least 75% of the total and the third year must be hired 100% of the campusas indicated by the standard.

“Grateful for the parliamentarians and parliamentarians who saw a historic need, seeing thousands of women who played without pay,” said Alexandra Benado, Minister of Sport.

The current Chilean women’s professional soccer tournament has eight clubs. Of them, Colo Colo and Santiago Morning are the only ones that currently have 100% of their squad under contract.

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