A child rapist who filmed himself abusing girls has admitted to more sexual assaults.

Melvin Miller, originally from St Helens, was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020 after sexually abusing two girls, aged six and eleven respectively, in a horrific campaign of abuse. However, he appeared again today after it was learned that he had perpetrated other rapes on one of his victims.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Miller, found with more than a quarter of a million indecent images of children, filmed him raping the girl for eight minutes. Prosecutor John Wyn Williams said the new charges against the 46-year-old, who is serving his sentence at HMP Frankland in County Durham, came after new accusations from one of his victims.

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Williams said: “After he was sentenced, she made further disclosures. In that police interview, she alleged that she was raped by the defendant.” Police then conducted a further analysis of a hard drive seized from Miller and found footage of him raping the girl.

Paul Lewis, defending, said Miller had not initially pleaded guilty to the crimes, but later did so, avoiding the need for a trial. In all, Miller pleaded guilty to three additional counts of rape, two of attempted rape and one of making an indecent video of a child.

The judge, Neil Flewitt QC, said the latest allegations revealed that Miller’s abuse of the boy had been even worse than previously known. Addressing the eight-minute recording Miller took of himself committing abuse, Judge Flewitt called it “appalling”.

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Judge Flewitt also sentenced Miller, from Mountsfield in Frome, Somerset, in 2020. That 16-year sentence was remanded to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General on the charge that it was too lenient.

The Court of Appeal upheld the original sentence, although it noted that it was at the lower end of the accepted range. Speaking today, Judge Flewitt said his goal was for Miller’s jail time for all of his crimes to reflect what it would have been if they had been sentenced all at once. This is because they were all part of the same section of criminal behavior and were committed during the same period.

He said this would mean following the same principles he followed during the 2020 sentencing hearing. Judge Flewitt said, “I make it clear that I am not going to adjust, through the back door, the sentence that I imposed on that occasion because of those remarks from the Court of Appeals”.

He imposed a 15-year concurrent sentence on Miller. That means the sentence will run at the same time as his current sentences, but it will increase the length of time he will be behind bars before he is eligible for parole. This would have been in April 2028, but now it would likely be towards the end of 2029. Judge Flewitt said this aligned with how Miller would have been sentenced if the new indictments had come to light in 2020.

Speaking after sentencing, Detective Inspector Yoseph Al-Ramadhan said: “Miller’s offenses were truly appalling. He is a dangerous sexual predator, who will now face even more prison time and a life of surveillance. Thanks to the immense bravery of his victims, who are still children, Miller was jailed for a significant period two years ago.

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“The victim who has had the strength to tell more of her horrific offense has enabled Merseyside Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts to extend her time in prison and further protect the public from the harm she represents. Miller. It has been an extremely difficult process for the victims, and I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to his bravery. Despite the unimaginable suffering Miller went through, they have come out of his experience with the strength and fortitude to speak to police and cooperate with the prosecution, and helped bring this dangerous man to justice.”


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