Chemin Roxham: “get busy” says Régine Laurent to the federal government

Prime Minister François Legault’s request to close Roxham Road, where several thousand migrants enter each year, has sparked varied reactions within the political sphere here.

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For Régine Laurent, François Legault made the request to close the road, being aware that the answer was going to be negative. She also asks Ottawa to put one foot on the accelerator.

“I say to the federal government ‘hustle,’ because they are responsible.”

She points out that without new resources, serious changes cannot be envisaged.

“The reception structures are already at their saturation point and it will continue to happen. It takes people to welcome [les migrants]you need places to house them, you have to feed them…”, said Régine Laurent.

If the normal time to deal with a refugee case takes 60 days, migrants today face a wait of more than a year.

“Humanly, I find it frightening,” lamented Ms. Laurent.

“I do not feel that in Ottawa there is a will to go quickly to solve the problem and manage the file of each person,” she continued.

“If Roxham Road came out near Parliament Hill, if it came out in Ontario or Alberta, would they be dragging their feet so much?” wondered Régine Laurent.

She reminds us all the time, even if time is running out, that the fate of vulnerable people is at stake.

“Whether in Quebec or at the Federal level, do not play politics on the backs of the poorest,” she said.

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