Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in trouble for links to Russia

The relationship between the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and the United Kingdom live your most tense momentwith the war between Russia and Ukraine open, and with the request in Parliament, by a Labor MP, for investigate him and seize his property in the country and prevent him from continuing to own Chelsea.

The outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine has been the straw that has broken the camel’s back for Abramovich, who has had problems with the UK for four years, when he stopped using his visa as an investor, due to the deterioration of relations between the British country and Russia due to the Salisbury incident, in which a double agent who had worked for M16 was poisoned along with his daughter.

Abramovich then began to use an Israeli passport to be able to travel to the United Kingdom., but he has done it much less frequently than before, when it was usual to see him every week in the stands at Stamford Bridge. Since 2018, he has only visited the field of his team once. It was last November and on the occasion of a family trip, although this hasn’t stopped him from being with the team he bought in 2003 on their biggest nights. He did not miss the Champions League final in Porto, nor the Club World Cup final in Abu Dhabi. Under him, Chelsea have won everything.

But that has not given him immunity in the United Kingdom and Chris Bryant, a Labor MP, in his appearance this Thursday in the Commons, unveiled a document from the Home Office in 2019 in which Abramovich is reported to be in the crosshairs for his ties to the Russian state.

“Abramovich continues to be a matter of interest to the country for his links with Russia and for his association with corrupt activities”Bryant said reading the aforementioned document. “An example of this is that admitted in a trial to have paid for political influence. The Government is focused on making sure that those individuals who are linked to illicit funding and criminal activity cannot settle in the UK, and we will use all our tools, including immigration law, to prevent this.”

Bryan stressed that it has been almost three years since this report was written and “barely anything has been done.” “Should Abramovich still have a football club in this country? Shouldn’t we be thinking of seizing his assets and make sure that people who have had the same visa as him do not engage in criminal activities?” he added.

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Among the possessions that Abramovich has in the United Kingdom, it stands out a mansion valued at more than 135 million euros in central London. His total fortune exceeds 9,000 million euros and its greatest strength is the Evraz steel company, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and whose shares have fallen 30% this Thursday due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Abramovich has always defended himself against the accusations that closely relate him to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

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