Checo Pérez, a podium of history and cultural load

Every detail of the great stage that represents the Grand Prix of Mexico City was in place to frame the date 18 of the Formula 1 championship. The cultural load was present outside the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome since days before free practice, of qualifying and Sunday culminated in a historic event for Mexican motorsport.

The celebration and award ceremony was a sequence of memorable stamps, Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen that put Red Bull in third and first place on the podium, they held the Mexican flag together, the “Viva México” were pronounced by both team members They carried them on their shoulders and some time later, Checo hugged his family. In himself, he does not reserve a hug, a smile or a pat on the back for someone who expresses good vibes to him.

With his place on the podium, Checo Pérez strengthens his list of achievements in Formula 1 and to begin with, we highlight the following: he was the first Mexican driver to achieve at home both a podium in a Grand Prix and the leadership in the race on lap 34 at 41 and also, he will reach the next date on the Brazilian circuit with four third-place podiums: France, Turkey, United States and Mexico.

“Yes, definitely, being on your podium at your home Grand Prix is ​​something very, very special. Obviously, I wanted more, to win the race. Obviously, finishing one-two for the team would have been amazing. But at the end of the day “We are such competitive people that if we finish third we don’t really enjoy it. But today is one of those days that I should enjoy seeing so many happy people,” said the ‘home hero’.

Checo also crowned the media, commercial and social construction that has revolved around his image and that consequently attracted more support for Red Bull Racing, which started on its own, the so-called ‘Fiesta’ from the Show Run in CDMX. Fans who have more than two visits to a Grand Prix at the Autodromo commented to this newspaper that the difference this year was that the colors of the Austrian team predominated in people’s clothing and there was no longer an ovation for another team or driver that were not Max or Pérez. The fans also collaborated to put order in the stands of the main stage of the Autodromo by dressing by section in green, white and red; while the environment of the track was colored by Lourdes Villagómez, a contemporary Mexican artist who captured figures of jaguars, alebrijes, skulls, butterflies, nature, braided dolls and famous portraits.

The teams and drivers of the rest of the teams were also participants in the cultural load of this date with their efforts to reach the Mexican fan. For example, the special helmet worn by George Russell (Williams Racing) in green and with the word ‘Mexico’, or the Mc Laren cap in orange and black with a marigold flower design worn by Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

Checo got on the podium from the first lap and stayed in third place for most of the race, it was the threat of Lewis Hamilton up to less than a minute away: “how fast his car was when Sergio was so close to my. I think having a Red Bull car in front and another one behind, it just means that they can play on strategy and Sergio, I think, was super close and I really couldn’t get away from him, ”said the Mercedes driver.

Max Verstappen stayed at the top of the race and Pérez also managed it for almost 8 laps, but he was called to a pit stop that cost him time and from there he could not get out of third place. Checo revealed that in each lap he listened to the support of the fans, who have cheered him as a hero.

Does he recognize himself like this?

“I think he knows that he is a Mexican, I would not like him to become a hero, I like him to become good people more than any hero, who gives everything for his country, I love that the day he signed his contract with Formula 1, the first thing he thought about was the Checo Pérez Foundation to help the ‘less fortunate’ as he says, we must continue with that, that they do not lose their floor, that they know where they come from, where they are and where they are going ”, he commented Antonio Pérez, father of the pilot to El Economista.

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