Charly launches second Recycle collection; used 157,680 pet bottles

More and more companies are concerned about the environment and making sustainability a fundamental pillar in their business strategy, each contributing from its own trenches actions that promote the fight against climate change.

The sports firm Charly this year worked hard on the collection and treatment of pet bottles to give them a second use and transform them into clothing and footwear, which are part of their Recycle collection.

The pet, due to its low cost and great flexibility to create packaging, enjoys great popularity, however it has become a serious problem by not providing an adequate purpose to each bottle that is used.

Charly Recycle’s proposal seeks to give nature a voice to generate a positive impact on the environment and on users, since while the material is reused, recycling is also encouraged.

Charly launches his second collection with these materials, in which he used 157,680 plastic bottles to make 15,768 pairs of the brand’s tennis shoes, which is equivalent to 5,256 kilograms, similar to the weight of four compact cars.

This company work is carried out by the nonprofit Plastic Oceans International, which works hard to eliminate plastic pollution and promote the emergence of sustainable communities.

It should be noted that with this collection, Charly will donate a percentage of sales to Plastic Oceans International to help reverse and control the pollution that plastic generates in the oceans. For more information you can visit the page

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