Charly and Triple AAA, an alliance to conquer football

A mix between masks, shorts, acrobatics and goals is the perfect recipe to detonate a business. This is how he visualizes it Charly, a sportswear brand that is trying to achieve a consolidated position within the Mexican market and that, as of this December, has launched a new line of alternative uniforms within the MX League in association with the Triple AAA, the leading wrestling company in the country.

It is about the launch of the so-called third uniforms (or alternative) that six clubs of the first division of Mexican soccer may use as of the tournament Closing 2022: Atlas, Santos, León, Pachuca, Querétaro and Tijuana, all of which the Charly brand already owns, which will now feature exclusive designs of masks, posters and other iconic elements of wrestling, thanks to the collaboration of Triple AAA.

The agreement was finalized as a fourth effort by Charly to offer an innovative product that adds a cultural touch to the alternative uniforms, which Liga MX allows them to be launched between October and December of each year as a preliminary to the second semester of the season. On this occasion, wrestling is the special ingredient, as in previous years the series was Ravens Club, the movie Star Wars and the Day of the Dead.

“It was a coincidence when we started the talks with Triple AAA because they told us that next year they will celebrate their 30th anniversary, so within the framework of this anniversary the collaboration is perfect to be part of these celebrations, we will be part of marketing initiatives and vice versa, both brands will nourish ourselves from the moments, they also from being able to enter football through six teams, which is the largest presence through a sports brand in Liga MX “, he says Jesus Salazar, manager Sports Marketing by Charly, in an interview with The Economist.

Charly continues on his way to create disruptive clothing within Mexican soccer, which has left a pleasant taste in his mouth and positioning. With the Star Wars uniform that they released in November 2019, in collaboration with Disney, they saw how many fans of the saga bought the uniform without being fans of the Xolos from Tijuana or not even fans of soccer. Already in 2020 they launched the special Day of the Dead line in their six current teams and that generated good international criticism, as the press and influencers from other countries approached them to ask them how the idea was conceived.

“It was very interesting to them how we exploited the cultural issue, it is as a result of that that the idea of ​​wanting to raise the bar even more with wrestling was born. The impact will take a little time to size it because it will be a situation in which through Mexican roots and being faithful to our values ​​as a brand and as a company we are going to internationalize our message, because the effect of exploiting our own within Your country draws a lot of looks from outside and that is just what we are looking for, we are sure that the news will literally go around the world and that is the value that we find in this type of initiative, not so much economically , but rather to continue growing in prestige as a brand in Mexico and abroad ”, emphasizes Salazar.

The number of pieces that will be released in reference to wrestling corresponds to 25 or 30% of what is released each summer with the classic home and away clothing. But in addition to the garment, each club will present a unique profile of professional wrestler: that of Atlas is called ‘El Académico’, that of Santos is’ Espíritu Guerrero ‘, that of León is’ Leónidas’, that of Pachuca is’ Super Tuzo ‘, the one from Querétaro is’ Eternal Resistance’ and the one from Tijuana is’ Rey Xolo ‘.

Although the beginning of the link is the launch of the uniforms, Jesús Salazar explains that this opens the doors for wrestling to venture more into Mexican soccer with other business options that are more profitable, such as activations and functions within the stadiums. In addition, some of these six clubs are in talks for his character to be part of the Triple AAA roster and compete in a real way in its most important circuits, such as the triple manías.

“Like us, Triple AAA is also very focused on how to grow its brand beyond the economic issue, in being able to enter the soccer market and that this does not remain as just another product, but rather opens doors to different businesses that later they may have a significant economic impact, with the creation of other types of products “.

That is why the manager emphasizes to this newspaper that, although the objective is to sell 100% of the product (which will cost 1,599 pesos), the main vision is to unite a new target from wrestling and, above all, to have the impact international. That also excites Liga MX, since being Charly is one of their six premium sponsors, they approved this link with wrestling without any problem, which will include an image alluding to the 30th anniversary of Triple AAA at the bottom of each jersey.

“Since we entered the Mexican soccer industryIn 2014, we have characterized ourselves by not being afraid of growth. We are looking to become the number 1 brand in Mexico, we know that our competition is strong, they are international powers that do things quite well, but we want to continue positioning ourselves and understand that this is not a 100-meter race that has to be done in one, two or three years, the idea is to reach the top and stay for a long time, to show that as a Mexican brand we have products of equal or higher quality than any international brand ”.

Charly’s marketing manager assures that by 2022 a similar project will come that mixes culture and sport, as they have already done four times. Its first international step is the US market, where they have been operating for a year and a half thanks to the opening of their offices in Los Angeles and where, it stands out, they have had good sales figures not only from the Hispanics who live there, but also by native consumers.

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