While voices are rising for more transparency in the Huawei file, the candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CCP) Jean Charest, who had advised the Chinese firm, assures that he will ban the giant from the 5G network.

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The newspaper learned that Mr. Charest recently met the founder of BlackBerry, Jim Balsillie, who has long been the techno star in the country, and who now heads the Canadian Council of Innovators.

Worried about Huawei’s influence, Mr. Balsillie alerted him to the national security issues related to the Chinese firm, and he said he was “satisfied with the response” from Mr. Charest.

“I have confidence in his commitment to follow the leadership of Five Eyes and prohibit Huawei from infrastructure roles that could harm Canada’s security and prosperity,” he said. Newspaper.

Yesterday, at the end of the day, Jean Charest’s campaign team seemed to distance itself from the Chinese company.

“A future government led by Mr. Charest will defend the position of the Conservative Party of Canada, which proposes to ban Huawei from any involvement in the deployment and operation of a 5G network”, we wrote to the Newspaper.

“He will also carry out a review of all strategic projects […] in order to protect the interests and national security of Canada,” it added.

This week, Huawei confirmed to Newspaper that Jean Charest had mainly worked on the 5G network file rather than on that of the extradition of Meng Wanzhou and the release of the two Michaels. A version which seemed to contradict that of the conservative candidate.

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Lack of transparency

Yesterday, tenors from the Quebec team of Pierre Poilievre, opponent of Mr. Charest in the leadership race, also denounced the vagueness surrounding the passage of the former premier of Quebec within Huawei.

“He should be transparent with party members. This is an important issue, Canada’s relations with China, particularly the question of 5G and Huawei, ”said Senator Claude Carignan, president of Poilievre’s campaign in Quebec.

“If Jean Charest becomes leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, we will have two national leaders, MM. Trudeau and Charest, who openly defend the interests of Huawei. That, for me, as a Quebecer and a Canadian, is unacceptable,” thundered Senator Leo Housakos, also of the Poilievre clan.

Same story for Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former director of the Asia-Pacific zone of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

“Huawei is decried by all Western intelligence services as a company that collects information and works with the Chinese government,” he explained.

“When I was the head of the Asia-Pacific office, we made warnings at Nortel because we suspected that Huawei was stealing information. So, there is a need for transparency on the part of Mr. Charest, ”he concluded.

– With the collaboration of Guillaume St-Pierre


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