Chaparritas responds to Cofepris: assurance of soft drinks was by labeling

Chaparritas, one of the most emblematic flavored beverages in Mexico, responded to the Mexican health authority that its product meets the same quality and flavor, because the immobilization of the soft drink corresponds to a problem regarding the position of the new food labeling, which already define.

A few days ago, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), insured 112,884 units of brand products Peperami, Chaparritas Y Barrel, for presenting anomalies in compliance with NOM-051 on labeling.

However, the company said, through a statement, “the products maintain the same quality and flavor that have characterized them for 85 years.”

He added that the “observation of the authority on that retained product is only around the position in which the warning stamps are found. The product is not affected by any quality or flavor factor and the specifications and information found in the nutritional table are correct ”.

Chaparritas mentioned that the “arguments of the Cofepris They are in the process of clarification and resolution by the pertinent authorities ”.

Chaparritas has an annual manufacture of more than 14 million units, and “its distributor Of the fruit It is a 100% Mexican company, which directly employs more than 1,400 workers who make it possible to continue with this tradition ”, he pointed out.

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