Change trend of automotive agencies

Guadalajara, Jal. As in other sectors, the automotive industry has had to adapt to current economic conditions, new needs and changes in consumer habits.

In this context, the businessman from Guadalajara, Carlos Gudiño Plasencia, inaugurated the second car dealership of the Japanese firm Subaru in Guadalajara, and the first under the concept of “express boutique”.

“Unlike large-area agencies, this one has all the services but with more personalized attention. It sells new and pre-owned cars, and has a multi-brand workshop to provide express services, ”the CEO of Subaru Guadalajara told El Economista.

He stressed that the global trend in car dealerships is this model of agencies that, on the one hand, make the business more profitable and, on the other, respond to the needs of the current market that uses digital tools more and more.

“We are no longer going to put up agencies like the monsters that are in other places that have 100 meters of façade or that you have to put in at least 3,000 or 5,000 square meters. The way I see it and the trend in the United States and Germany is to make pure of these (boutiques) so that it is profitable, ”said Gudiño Plasencia.

“This business model is what is coming, it is the future … and people only come to place the order or a test drive,” he said.

With less than three years in the city, the Guadalajara concessionaire opened the second agency in the capital of Jalisco and announced the opening of another one in the city of Colima.

Currently, the Guadalajara headquarters has a 20% national market share with a placement of 330 units in November and the expectation of billing another 100 units of the Forester model alone for the month of December.

With this, a national sales record for this model would be achieved in the same month, which will allow the year to be closed with 430 units, surpassing the annual target by 58%.

New tendencies

According to Carlos Gudiño, the Covid-19 pandemic also modified the preferences of consumers in the automotive sector, because when looking for outdoor places such as the mountains, the mountains or the forest, and prefer recreational activities with few people like the hiking and cycling also demand adequate vehicles to stay outdoors.

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