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The semifinal in Riyadh had to measure the distances between Barça and Madrid. And not so bad. At first it seemed that one here and the other, far above. One made of mud and the other made of steel. The Whites’ counterattacks threatened to shatter the Barça reconstruction process. But the mud took shape and hardened after Xavi shape the structure. He came to Saudi Arabia to compete, to get rid of complexes, the technician specified. It was achieved, despite the defeat. An extension was too much for a team full of players who still wear the clinic bracelet they left behind on their wrist.

Madrid flies even higher. When he puts the turbo, he messes up anyone. But for Barça, with so many players recovered, a new era really begins. Xavi He announced it hastily in early December. In reality, it is now that change is sensed, with the return of Pedri Y Ansu Fati, with the novelty of Ferran Torres, with the competition in all lines. With good players, great ideas are easier to put into practice.

heads and tails

It is a great truth that there is a state of grace of the scorer, gusts of wind in favor, and it is so true that it is even valid for Luke de Jong, who returned to score and rebound. The lanky striker, who had another more than decent performance, is going to end up winning a piece of the Catalans’ heart. In the auction and in the game.

The natural thing is that it gradually leaves space for Ansu Fati, as it happened in the last half hour. Even Ferran Torres, to whom we will not take into account the bland premiere. Too much idle. Ansu Fati was also dragging her, but of course, we are talking about a boy with a gift of those that are only seen in magic books. With his head, he scored the little guy. Not that he was Dutch.

Continuing with the individual trials, Pedri found that as soon as he finishes strengthening his muscles, he will adhere to the starting eleven like a limpet and there will be no one to remove him. You can now wake up Frenkie de Jong once and for all. And Gavi doesn’t slacken, although he scratches more than a five-day stubble. It would be good for him to clean up a bit, expulsion always touches him.


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From Dembele nothing else can be said other than good, acceptable match, but not at the level of the salary and the commission that he seeks to renew. Not that he was a Saudi prince. Memphis it is another one that will have to give a lug or can be anchored. And with Dani Alves we will have to learn to dose him before certain appointments. But it is a day of praise rather than reproach. In the darkness of Saudi Arabia the light was divined.

One final note on that. The Spanish Federation no longer speaks of pushing towards openness when it justifies moving to the Wahhabist country, nor of helping to modernize Saudi society. Now he only talks about money, about what he provides to the clubs that participate and to the modest clubs. It is appreciated. The other sounded like cynicism. In this case talking about money causes less modesty.

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