Chanel (Benidorm Fest): “I wish I could compare with Eleni Foureira but I have nothing to show”

Only a few hours before the final grand final of the Benidorm Fest will take place and only one thing is clear: everything can happen, and if it is not possible to Chanel. The song was sung by a group of favorites to win the festival organized by RTVE after winning the first semi-final with ‘Slo mo’, being the most voted by the jury and the demoscopic panel. YOTELE working with Chanel on its Saturday action, among other things.

We are sure that you will be able to get the second major score of the two semifinals in the new scenario. What are your feelings?

A ver, es muy fuerte. Sigo flipando. I’m in a cloud. Sigo muy enfocada en el trabajo. So much for my team as you are working on top to get the most out of it. We are very happy.

Are you going to modify anything to get this Saturday off to a good start?

A ver. My labs are sold. Ni si ni no ni todo lo contrario, pero cabe posibilidad de que los haya o no. Es que no lo sé. We are working on it.

We are not between the favorites, but in the semifinals and with the maximum scores of the professional jury and the Democratic panel and the second most important score of the television. Do you know the ‘dark horse’ of this edition?

Do you know what happens? It’s what you’re doing now that you’re already done because you’re in it. If I had to repeat a lesson, I would like to have a lot of illusion that all the work is being valued. In the final, there is a competition. Jamas me hubiese imagined the score. That’s where we go for the first semifinal. And that’s very strong. Es todavía no me lo creo.

So what about the final, do you feel more confident or nervous?

I believe that what is happening to the scenario is what it is transcending and what the people are going through. Follow us. Confio tanto en mis bailarines y en mi equipo. Lo vamos a hacer muy bien. Let’s look at the ‘dark horse’ multiplied by two.

Actuarás in position 4 in the final. A ti te gusta los horóscopos. You’re Leo and I’ll make sure the 2 is your number. Good, 4 es 2 x 2 …

Si es el dos es bueno, doble 2 es mejor. Creo that is good position, no lo sé. I was not able to do that. I want the moment and leave the scenario.

These are some of the great favorites like Rigoberta Bandini.

I trust in the work, in the art and in the direct. Entonces, lo que pase, pasará. Eso sí, iremos a tope. We go to Turin.

You only need one hour to get to know who is going to Turin. If this is not the case then maybe your team will miss out on this great Eurovision song contest.

Nosotros vamos a tope des el dia uno. This candidacy was created for Turin. Our shoes with everything. The energy is what makes us feel good and illusion.

The song has been critically acclaimed for a while, now that it’s done the action, how much has it been done?

Very good. If you want the song to have a view of the other side, nevertheless you have seen the action, he received many comments, including people who do not like the song or if he has another person and only for the job that hemos hecho y cómo lo hemos vendido han decidido apoyarme también. It’s very illusory because, in the end, it’s worth your while. I’m very emotional.

Llegaron a compararte con Eleni Foureira. How did you find your comparison site?

To empezar, me siento muy halaga porque es maravillosa, pero luego me da un toque al corazón porque hay muchas divas de la canción. Beyoncé is a diva’s peddler. Me da mucha rabia que se nos compare a las mujeres cuando salimos al scenario y podemos bailar, cantar y actuar. This is not just because each tenem has a distinct essence. I’m just right. There is nothing comparable. Each one is what it is and the point. Even though men do not compare, they believe that women tend to be different. I like to compare myself with Eleni Foureira but I have nothing to show for it.

María Eizaguirre reveals that she is preparing to take action with tacos

It’s a locura. All training days and days when they are level and pony the high levels of bail. I believe I have 8-10 centimeters. To see the podium, pues pa’lante. Want to train from December and the results of the third day of trials.

Carmen Farala, owner of ‘Drag Race España’, has been in charge of your dressing room. Have you given any other advice for the action?

All the advice from me, and I love it. She’s a star, and she’s not alone. She has been involved, both personally and professionally. It’s a marvelous thing to do that creates in you. People as great as she is.

In her experience in Benidorm, También also wanted to see Ruth Lorenzo discover that she coincided with her time in ‘Tu cara me suena’ and in the ‘Gigantes’ video clip. How did you meet this reunion? What do you agree with?

I have a variety of tips, which give me something for me, and, above all, have given me a lot of strength. Listen and read actuar is a constant learning. She has a lot going for her. It is incredible.

I would like to ask you about your companions. We have seen that the 14 of us have raised ingenuity between us, not showing any kind of rivalry.

Os lo hemos dicho en la rueda de pressa. We live well. I have no mal roll between us. It’s not meant to mean hundir or abuchear to another person because it’s what you like. There is no such thing as the work of a person because there is a lot of work, a lot of illusion and there are many human beings left behind. I have much to do with it, but between us we are living well. I have no bad role and all the focal points in our works.

What will be the first thing that happens when one of these hours?

Llorar un montón, abrazar a mi familia, llamar a mis abuelos y, no sé, iría a comer mucho.

Do you have any promises in the case of ganases?

I have no promise, but I have a method in Benidorm’s watering holes and grabbing it.

What happened to what did you want to do with this Benidorm Fest?

I want to talk to the marvelous people he knows and to what he has learned from them as artists and people. I also love the love I received from the mios and a brutal experience.

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Why should you win the Benidorm Fest mañana?

It’s a very well prepared and that we represent Spain as country, because this music is number 1 here and around the world. I have a lot of security in the fact that we are leaving because it is a bomb and an exploding cave. He has seen the reaction of the furry theme and its many functions.

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