Chanel already has her character from the Simpsons universe

The race to Eurovision has not been easy for Chanel Terrero. And we’re not just talking about the hard training he had to undergo in order to be in top shape to give his best with his ‘SloMo’, which went through a strict diet and running on the treadmill in heels. But now, to the satisfaction of her followers and those detractors who later had to admit (or not) that they had been wrong about her and that he was not to blame for what happened in the benidorm fest, now he is a star. The fashion star. The last thing is that she already has her character from the universe of ‘The Simpsons’.

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The little yellow tribute has done it David Melero, a graphic designer and works with audiovisual media and with Eurovision, as he explains in his Twitter profile. The designer has created a montage in which the singer is seen with Homer at the Simpsons house, who performs an action that reminds her of her great performance in Turin. Chanel’s response has not been long in coming. “But… what about this fantasy? She has said it by sharing it on her Twitter account.

This is not the first time that Eurovision has ‘participated’ in a famous series, because on May 14, the day of its performance in Eurovision, Netflix dedicated an elaborate ‘promo’ to him in which he was seen in the role of one of the players of the famous Korean fiction ‘The Squid Game’, competing with other singers such as Melody, Xuso Jones, Sonia, Marta Sango, Mireia and Raúl, with continuous nods to the song festival. Professionals from Benidorm Fest also appear, such as Agnes Hernand, one of the presenters and the member of the jury, the questioned Miryam Blessed. And there (beware, ‘spoiler’), Chanel is not third, but she is the winner. A little gem worth seeing.,

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