CFE Telecommunications and Internet for All (CFE TIT) announced investments of 15,566 million pesos, some 796 million dollars at today’s exchange rate, to develop two nationwide connectivity projects in Mexico.

The first project deals with the development of a public telecommunications network to bring Internet and 4G-LTE cellular telephony to an estimated 6 million Mexicans from different locations that have not yet been able to access this type of communications.

The planned investment for this project is 8,710 million pesos, 445 million dollars.

CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos has the direct objective of going with this project to some 26,000 localities and among them, 173 municipal seats where the cellular service is not so suitable.

The other connectivity project was named the National Internet Access and Aggregation Network for Allthat is, an infrastructure that can connect users with a provider with coverage available in a certain geographical area.

The investment for this project was 6,859 million pesos, about 351 million dollars, and its intention is to benefit 62 million people in 3,000 locations where telecommunications networks also do not fully cover communication needs.

This network will be based on fiber optics and will be connected to the offices of Telecomm Telégrafos, recently transformed into Welfare Finance.

Along with these projects, the state company appointed David Pantoja Meléndez as the new general director of the company, after maintaining its operations for a year without leadership due to the death of director Raymundo Artís Espriú.

“The objective of CFE Telecommunications and Internet for All It is to take advantage of the advantages offered by information and communication technologies to contribute to the reduction of inequality, that is, to promote the equal and equitable use of ICTs as a human right, to give priority to the most vulnerable sectors to make inclusion possible. digital and bring social welfare programs to the most vulnerable populations,” said the state company.

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