CF Montreal | Mathieu Choinière “deserves to be valued at his value”, says Laurent Courtois

Contract negotiation is neither the area of ​​expertise nor the remit of Laurent Courtois. On the other hand, the head coach of CF Montreal made it clear where he stands in the Mathieu Choinière affair on Friday.

“It deserves to be valued according to its value,” he responded to one of the many questions on this subject, before training at the Nutrilait Center.

“I don’t know his contractual situation, it doesn’t concern me. Or I knew it, and I forgot it, because that’s not what interests me. »

Let us remind you and Courtois, if he reads us.

In 2022, Mathieu Choinière signed a contract extension until 2024, accompanied by an option year potentially linking him to the club until 2025. At the time, he was still struggling to find his place in the starting eleven by Wilfried Nancy. Figures from last season, which the players’ association publishes twice a year, show that the Quebecer obtained a salary of around $275,000.

Choinière is today an indisputable starter for the team, the club’s MVP in 2023, in addition to being selected for the All-Star game. In the league, this type of player generally gets $500,000 to $800,000, and some are even designated players with compensation exceeding $1 million.

Which brings us to last Wednesday. The story came out like a bomb: journalist Tom Bogert, from The Athletic, revealed that the Quebec midfielder had requested an exchange from CF Montreal. Bogert, MLS’s most well-connected insider, added that discussions had stalled for months. However, it should be noted, again, that Choinière’s contract does not expire until 2025.

Moreover, as training got underway on Friday, journalist Christine Roger, from Radio-Canada, indicated on X that Mathieu Choinière’s contractual demands were for $600,000, while the club offered him $350 $000 in 2024.

So here is. Asked about this on Friday, Courtois maintained that these procrastinations take place worldwide in professional soccer.

“Discussions between players and club to improve their contractual situation happen everywhere,” he said. It doesn’t always have to be in the public square. I don’t know the veracity of the exact rumor that came out. The club didn’t tell me anything. Mathieu didn’t tell me anything. I talk to both of them every day. »

He is asked if he thinks Choinière really wants to leave the club, or if it is indeed just a negotiation tactic.

“You know the answer,” he retorts to The Press laughing. Everyone loves Mathieu, everyone wants him to be valued, everyone wants him to stay here. »

“He doesn’t want to…” We suspect that Courtois was about to say that Choinière didn’t really want to leave Montreal, but he stopped just before that. And laughs again.

“Don’t make me say something stupid, because I’m going to say it!” he laughs. Why are you doing this ? »

More seriously, the head coach believes that his midfielder is “clearly very, very important for (him), for the club, for the city”.

“If my guys are valued for their own value, that means we’re working well, and that’s what I want for them. »

“100% professional”

Choinière was one of the first to set foot on the lawn of the Nutrilait Center on Friday morning. He calmly juggled the ball before taking a few solo shots, then joining his teammates to get physically active. Nothing unusual.

His teammates haven’t felt anything different from him in the last few days either.

“I don’t think he’s the type of player that’s going to change the way he conducts himself on and off the field,” Ariel Lassiter said. Even less with the guys. He is 100% professional in everything he does. »

Courtois noticed the same thing. “Matthew, it’s not going to change anything. He’ll run around all the time. He will always moan and have fun like a child. And I want it to stay like that. »

George Campbell described him as a “machine”.

“He can always play full matches, cover ground,” underlines the defender. Everyone likes to play with him. He’s one of the most important players we have. »

“Whatever the future holds for him, I hope it’s best for him in the end,” Lassiter added. It’s that type of business. Not all players can stay at one club for their entire career. It’s quite rare. »


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