Cesc Escolà: ‘Since Eva Nasarre, there hadn’t been any ‘fitness’ training program on TVE”

Although he already has a great experience as a coach behind him, Cesc Escolà (Barcelona, ​​1992) achieved popularity with his work as ‘fitness’ coach in ‘OT 2020’. An edition that stopped the confinement, but not him. During the running of the bulls, he got the viewers of The 2 with ‘Move at home’, something that was not done on TVE from Eva Nasarre, and now just released in RTVE Play Catalunya, and on Saturday, 15 in La 2 (11.00) the program ‘FitMore‘, which as its name suggests, is more than ‘fitness’. In it he will try to get guests like Sister Lucia Caram and Miki Núñez, among others.

He won’t stop until we get in shape. Excited about the new project?

Yes, because it is to evolve with respect to the ‘Move at home’ program and not train by myself, but rather I can meet some famous guest, see their sporting side, if they take care of themselves or not, and from there do those training sessions with them, and that the viewer can follow it from home. The result is very funny. It is a 360 program, because we have a nutritionist, Virginia Gómez, who talks to us about healthy habits… In each program there is a different tip. In the interview the guest opens up in the channel. And doing the exercises. It is a very complete program and it could be the beginning of something that grows a lot.

Among the guests he makes get in shape are Sr. Lucía Caram and Miki Núñez.

And there are many surprises. Very different characters. It is fun. There is no program that has surprised me more than another. And we really enjoyed recording it.

After confinement and in the midst of a pandemic, we need to get physically fit, yes, but also mentally.

Physical conditioning, taking care of our body, is at the same level as the mind. We have to find the perfect balance. And we talk about that with many guests who have had problems, for example, with anxiety, drugs, etc., and for whom sport has sometimes saved them. A guest is the clear example of overcoming thanks to training and sport.

Important now that the suicide of Verónica Forqué and ‘La Marató’ have put mental health on the table…

Of course. The cook Ada Parellada, who has suffered a disorder, is also on the show.

On TVE they haven’t made us sweat for a long time.

Yes, it is very strong. Since Eva Nasarre, a ‘fitness’ training program had not been made on TVE. ‘Muévete en casa’ was the first, and now that it has evolved and grown with ‘FitMés’, it makes me very happy. On RTVE Play Catalunya it is available on Mondays (8.00) and then it is broadcast on La 2 on Saturdays, at 11.30.

More and more television is seen on platforms, because it facilitates consumption.

Yes. You know it’s there and you can see it whenever you want. In addition, my program is for training, there is a routine and it is very interesting to repeat it so that it works.

Cesc Escolà was the great discovery of ‘OT 2020’. A show like that launches straight into popularity.

It was a ‘boom’ for me. It was my first experience on TV, because I was a high school and high school fitness teacher, and I had a lot of people in the gym. But I started in ‘OT’, and after a little, pandemic, confinement and a new program. So, in almost two years, this is my second program.

Are you taking a liking to TV?

Yes, because sport is my job. What he had never done is as an interviewer. And I felt very comfortable.

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In ‘OT’ he made it clear that he was not only a physicist.

It is that at the beginning ‘OT’, a program to which I am very grateful and has given me a lot of hype, it was very photo-oriented, a posturer, which I love, but I have training, I have worked hard. So I want to show it and get people hooked on the sport.


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