The cervical cancer It is the fourth most common type of cancer in women worldwide, with an estimated incidence of 604,000 new cases and 342,000 deaths in 2020. 90% of new cases and deaths worldwide in 2020 occurred in countries of low and middle income, according to information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

They explain that two types of human papilloma virus (HPV), 16 and 18 cause almost 50% of high-grade precancerous lesions of the cervix.

HPVs are mainly transmitted by sexual contact and most people become infected shortly after starting their sexual activity. More than 90% manage to eliminate the infection”.

The WHO reveals that women with HIV are 6 times more likely to have cervical cancer than women without HIV. vaccination against HPVscreening and treatment of precancerous lesions is an effective way to prevent.

Cervical cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed early and treated promptly. Comprehensive control of CC consists of primary prevention (HPV vaccination), secondary (detection and treatment of precancerous lesions) and tertiary (diagnosis and treatment of invasive CC) and palliative care.

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