‘Cerdita’: Hispanic costumbrism, terror and ‘bullying’ at the Sundance festival

  • Carlota Pereda’s directorial debuts in the ‘Cerdita’ largometry, an explosive device of social denuclearization

  • It is the first Spanish film, not in English, that participates in the great city of the independent state

Sara is a chic with sobrepeso who goes to the pool at the time of coming so that nadie can judge his body. Without embarrassment, one of these days will meet with one of the classmates who will comment and include and physically intimidate. In the state of ‘shock’, the young man, as he died without a hitch, tended to fly to the house for rural hearths. In a log of the truck, you will find a van and its interior, sangria, and its aggressors.

Asi era ‘Cerdita’, the 2018 cortometer of the Goya governor, with which Carlota Pereda she was known internationally and she had converted in the germen of her prime opera, now she had to train in the Sundance Festival convertiéndose in the first film in Castellano that participates in dicho certamen (yes ‘Colossal’, Nacho Vigalondo, ‘Paradise Hills’, Alice Waddington, English tabloids).

The director’s tenia clarifies that the pelicula debie empezar igual que el corto (algo que también ocurría en ‘Madre’, de Rodrigo Sorogoyen), asi reproduco esos primosos minutos, pero al mismo tempos anadio már elementos, como la familia de Sara (a su madre la interpreta Carmen Machi), which governs a caricature and also becomes an object of burla on the part of these juvenile accusers who subordinate offensive content in social speeches. También tenía claro que quería contar con la misma actriz protagonista, Laura Galán.

“When the court was curtailed in the crowd during the filming, Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres), I was very impressed by the fact that she’s suffering from ‘bullying’ and the sensation of claustrophobia that is generated in an environment as small as this. I have personal experiences, I have to admit that everything is present that is present in the development of this film, so much so that the coberdia at the time of denunciation, the supremacy in silence, the rabies that is generated “, the director says in telephone conversation hours ahead of the global stage of his movie in Sundance, which this year is celebrating in virtual format due to the pandemic.

Pero ‘Cerdita’ is a story about acoso in absolute convention. By supuesto, in it we find a load of social denunciation, including a political position, but by all means we find ourselves with an explosive mezcla between hispano costumbrism, ‘thriller’ and terror in pure state with ‘gore’ touches. “I do not understand the film that is not multigenerial. It also helps a lot to the producers, because it always tends to encapsulate the directors of a certain way, but I have to like to play with all the textures and include humor negro “.

I would like to acknowledge that I found the source of inspiration in his style when he was alive ‘Memories of Murder’ by maestro Bong Joon-ho. “Me abrió una ventana y entonces vi claro lo que yo staba intentan hacer, algo muy local que no renunciara al gegenero y al mal rollo”.

Dicho y hecho. In ‘Cerdita’, all kinds of inconvenience and moral conflicts that arise, are only capable and result in impossible cases where there is no continuation. “To understand the character of Sara, we want to leave as a ‘thriller’ alive from his heart, in the form that takes the most important part of the social life of a caregiver. .So to Sara the juzgan for his appearances, I am interested that the public also hiccup with respect to what he is doing or not “.

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In Sundance he was defined as a mezcla between ‘À ma soeur (Fat Girl)’, by Catherine Breillat, and ‘La matanza de Texas’. It will be more comfortable with the reference to Claire Denis, in the form in which you have access to the works through this and the horror in movies like ‘Trouble Every Day’. But it is clear that the director has decided to configure a universe proprietary on its first large scale, even though it is not known to all around the world, thanks to its ability to convert a people in Verona into a pesadilla scenario with a series of assists included.

When the question arises it is possible that there is a total case of female directories of terrorism in the Spanish panorama we know that, almost, many men (men) are extravagant in using the genius to tell their stories. “If you can treat yourself with deep themes, you will have much more formal and narrative freedom. For me, terror is the most free form of expression”.


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