Ceramics become fashionable among young people in Barcelona

  • The rise of this craft activity is related to the need to find leisure and creative tasks

The ceramic came back strongly. There are more and more young people who are interested in this branch of craftsmanship and you just have to look at the different social networks to realize this. Childbirth and the pandemic have a before and after in this discipline and in characterized Barcelona every time they meet more local where workshops are offered revolving gatevan ceramic modeling or decoration. This boom, which is still growing, has brought young people closer to the world of crafts and made many of them decide to take a career turn and dedicate themselves fully to this world.

This is the case of Rubén Mañas, Blanca de Gomar and Leonie Lorberg, who decided bet on ceramics and take advantage of this heyday. Ruben Manas He has been a teacher at the school for four years. Ceramic moldlocated near Els Charms. It is the oldest in Barcelona and they specialize their students in the lathe technique. “People are interested in the school more than 50 years of history and it attracts the attention that we take it three young boys. We broke with the stereotype that it is for older people and we attracted young people by teaching it what was before and what is now can be combined“, Explain.

This is a workshop of that of a lifetime, specializing in pottery and traditional pottery. “Of 2018 was a ‘tree’. There is the fact of making your own decorative pieces to have at home and then, everyone who has found in ceramics an activity to relax and unwind. These two factors have led to a boom in the last few years “, notes the professor. He also emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of fashion to promote craftsmanship. “I have very young students what’s coming and who wants to do it well, they want to learn the lathe. They are no longer just older people or children, “he explains. Mañas currently has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, a fact that has helped them grow in number of students and enabled them to show the techniques that in the workshop. “Working in social networks is another. You have to be very constant, it’s a portfolio, a presentation card and it attracts many people. In addition, the content must be quality “.

a change of course

Wit van Gomar is the owner of Recreate Ceramics Workshopopened in 2019 in Sant Gervasi. “I was a graphic designer and in a moment of stress I decided to take leave of my job and start making ceramics.” Last year, De Gomar opened his second workshop, located a few meters from the first. At Recrea, they not only offer the activity of modeling their own pieces, but they also offer the option that you can go and decorate it when it is already dry.

The emergence of this activity in the young people not only made them grow, but also rediscovered themselves and offered different types activities. “As a result of the birth, people started doing relaxing things, to make them forget about the moment we went through. Since then, many people have started coming, of all ages, though those between 20 and 45 years old dominate“.

Instagram has become the portfolio of all these workshops as the largest number of potential clients are found there. “We do not publish our own pieces, but customer partswhich sends the message that anyone can make their own. It is true that with the lathe technique it is much more complicated and requires much more dedication, more hours, but with the modeling technique, made on a table, anyone can take out a piece on the first day. It motivates young people a lot to come as they lose that fear of not being able to get pieces in their first classes. In addition, with the modeling technique, the pieces come out with a much more irregular aesthetic and it attracts a lot of attention because it makes the objects more unique ”.

As for the future perspective, and how this pottery fashion is going to develop, it is clear to him. “I hope ceramics continue for many more years. I compare it a bit to paddle tennis. About 10 years ago only a few people played and now suddenly many sites have started to open and there is a lot on offer. I think the same can happen. They are now emerging locals because there high demand but it will not be something temporary and it is here to stay.

From Berlin to Barcelona

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La Ceramicaria has two stores in Barcelona, ​​one located in el Gebore and another in Thank you. Leonie Lorberg, owner of both, talks about how she decided to start a ceramic paint workshop. “I’m German and in Berlin this concept of coming to a place to paint ceramics is very common. I did it when I was little and it was an activity I loved. When I arrived in Barcelona, I realize that here this business did not exist and that the taste for ceramics is born again and I decided to undertake and present this activity that gave me so many good times in my childhood. ”

“Basically what we do here is the last part of ceramics. At the Ceramicaria you come to paint and decorate a piece. It is a workshop that many people like because it is a first contact with ceramics and it’s also cheaper than a full pottery workshop, “he explains. Lorberg emphasizes that more and more young people are coming to his workshop to have this first contact and how this activity helps evades a little daily stress and helps boost creativity. “Small groups usually come to try and then they like it. Most people repeat. It’s a return to their childhood, to crafts,” he says.


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