Center for Young Parents enterprise project

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The Center for Young Parents (CYP) is proud to announce that they have received funding to move
forward with a social enterprise of a thrift shop project in our community.

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Social Enterprises intend to be revenue-generating organizations that can help a nonprofit organization achieve social, cultural, community economic to earn revenue to help
the organization with funding their program(s) within that community.

CYP Project Thrift Shop will support the creation of a social enterprise thrift store to
provide ongoing revenue, work placement opportunities and essential items for lowincome individuals and families in Grande Prairie and the County of Grand Prairie.

This project will work with many non-profit organizations in the community by helping
with vouchers for clients in need. CYP is still ironing out many of the details but they are
excited for what the future holds.

Shauna Livesey states the impacts of this project will have on the broader civil society
includes inclusive, barrier free access to services for families and individuals.

Most importantly this project is a community driven initiative that gives back to community,
community for community being the main goal.

CYP programs include a free food pantry, donation room, free childcare, parenting support and education, mental health vcounselling, pre and postnatal care, grief support groups, options counselling, economic advancement program, empowering parents program and free transportation to appointments, school, and the centre.

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