Celebrating Mother’s Day weekend in Saskatoon

It’s the busiest week of the year for flower shops in Saskatoon with Mother’s Day quickly approaching.

“Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that we kind of trend, and it happens the same every year because it always falls on a Sunday,” said Quinn Brown, co-owner of Quinn & Kim’s Flowers.

“It gets really busy Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday it kind of taps off a little bit. Most people have got their Mother’s Day shopping by then, and Sunday is a lot of walk in traffic,” he said.

There will be plenty of things to do in Saskatoon for the weekend of Mother’s Day, including buffets, shows, exhibits, and tours.

TCU Place will have dueling pianos on stage on Saturday night, as well as the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, and the Arctic Exhibit.

“It’s an experience that’s really great for families,” said TCU CEO Tammy Sweeny.

“It’s just a really great experience and it showcases a diver that has dived in the Arctic for over 25 years, but you feel like you’re under the ocean, you feel like you’re there, you’re watching fish, you’ re watching polar bears, you’re watching seals and sea lions, and you learn a little bit about his journey under the ice and diving.”

The Berry Barn will be hosting a pair of Mother’s Day buffets, for breakfast and dinner, on top of offering views of the South Saskatchewan River and surrounding area.

“It’s just the peaceful, the tranquility of it — just a relaxing atmosphere,” said owner Grant Erlandson.

“The greenhouse is open, we have all the stuff going on in the greenhouse, and weather permitting we’re hoping to open the pedal carts, the train ride and the petting zoo is coming with the pony rides and the goats.”

The Saskatoon Inn & Conference Center is celebrating it’s 40th year in operation by hosting it’s 30th Mother’s Day brunch.

“We’re so excited to welcome everyone back into our doors,” said area director of sales and marketing Alex Fleischhacker. “All all of our big ballrooms at the top of our big atrium area we’ll be hosting the Mother’s Day brunch.”

Fleischhacker says because the hotel wasn’t sure what to expect for response, the brunch will be scaled down from years past with 1,500 reservations already confirmed.

“We have a huge market style spread that we’re excited to share with everyone, and then what is exciting is there’s going to be tables inside our ballrooms, and then there’s going to be tables outside of our mezzanine area with the beautiful tropical views outside as well.”

Stan Shadick will be hosting the Signs of Spring birding tour starting Sunday afternoon at 2 pm.

“We’ll drive in a small convoy along some back roads, and we’ll be looking for the birds that have arrived this spring,” he said.

“We’ll see the sky-blue color of the mountain bluebird, the black and white and beige color of the avocet, and if you’re lucky maybe a stilt, probably some sandpipers, who knows we’ll find out.”

If you’re still scrambling for gift ideas mom, Brown has some advice.

“Maybe don’t be last minute,” he laughed.

“But if you are, we’ll get some for you. We’ve got lots of nice flowers here and we’ll figure something out.”

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