CDMX will invest 26,217 mdp in infrastructure works in 2022

Continue with the extension of Line 12 of the Metro (Mixcoac-Observatory), the terminus of tram III Train Interurbano Mexico-Toluca, as well as the initiation of the construction of Cablebús Chapultepec, are some of the most important projects that will be concrete of the Work Program and Services 2022 of the City of Mexico.

At the conference, Gobierno’s wife, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced the plan for this year, which will continue to work on the start of its management, as well as initiate new projects.

The plan for this year, ahondó, has six houses: derichos city, sustainable city, public space, more and more mobility, cultural capital of America, as well as Bosque de Chapultepec-Naturaleza y cultura.

These are translated into a total of 478 infrastructures classified in infrastructure types: educational, health, cultural, mobility and transport, sustainable cities, parks and public spaces, than an inversion for the Secret of Works and Services (Sobse) of 26 million pounds.

“The fundamental values ​​of education, health, mobility and public space are, in fact, most inverted, and we are going to become invigorating,” the mandate said.

Thus, the head of the Sobse, Jesús Antonio Esteva Medina, commented that the resources that were invented were of federal and local origin, in order to concretize various pending projects, such as mobility and connectivity.

For example, if line 12 continues to increase for this year, an inversion of 3,130 million pounds is projected this year.

“This year, we’re hoping for the conclusion of the whole tunnel, all the restoration, the implantation of the vial, also being working on what are electromechanical installations and the connection part with the Mixcoac station,” he said.

También, the conclusion of tram III of the Inter-Urban Mexico-Toluca train, will invest 8,999 million pounds, “and this meta will end this year on the part of civil service and the fronts that we take on our responsibility; ahorita estamos en licidación del Viaducto Observatorio, en parte de la station Observatorio y estamos ya trabajando en el Viaducto Mixto Santa Fe, advansando en las metastikas structures.

The secretariat will build new works for this year, resulting in the development of a Cablebus line and will build another recycling plant for San Juan de Aragon.

For the Cablebús Chapultepec project, federal appeals are worth over $ 1,800 million; for the new recycling plant, 425 million.

Main projects

Inside the sustainable city, the third stage of the Gran Canal Park and Cuitláhuac Park will be built; as new works are being built the Cyprus Park in the Antigua Establishment of Transferencia in the Colony of Gas and will be edited in Tláhuac the Plant Trituradora of Residues Product of the Construction.

On top of that, the revitalization of the Historic Center will continue with its quarter stage, in the Lagunilla trams, Paseo de la Reforma, and there will be maintenance of bacheo, banquets, furniture, furniture.

While the mobility issue is intervening with at least 30 vehicle points, the Grand Canal is being constructed to connect the Grand Canal Interior Circuit to its location, with the Siervo de la Nación vitality being delivered to Felipe International Airport , as well as the conclusion of the Chamixto Vehicular Point in Cuajimalpa

The CETRAM Indies Verdes will also intervene and conclude the construction of the Trolebús Elevado del Eje 8 Sur.

In the matter of maintenance and urban services, during 2022 310 kilometers of the primary vial will be repaired with repairs, repairs and mapping actions.

Ciudad de México y Michoacán firman convenio de colaboración

Mexico City and Michoacán will establish a collaboration agreement, with an objective exchange of experiences and the development of joint projects for the benefit of sectors such as security, human capital, finance and technology.

This coordination work will take place on November 30, 2024, and work months will be established, with the proposal to follow up on the projects that will be part of the convention.

During the company, the governor of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, explained that as a first action the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) supports the michoacana entity in order to increase its digital infrastructure, it has to do with more points free internet access.

También also claims that Michoacán will pass a better regulation by means of digitalisation; for example, since the public sector generates web programs that allow simplifying traumas such as business opening licenses, reimbursement of local taxes, among others.

The state mandate results in the creation of the ADIP in addition to its management, which logs reduce the number of traumas such as permits and payroll taxes, from 2,000 to a little over 1,000.

In addition, out of a total of 14 requisites to execute traumas, there are only a few new, and there are less than five digitized traumas up to 50.

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