CDMX Mayors Union requested more budget for 2022

In order to achieve a greater economic reactivation, the Union of Mayors of Mexico City (Unacdmx) asked for an increase for next year’s budget year.

At a press conference, the current spokesperson for the Unacdmx, Giovanni Gutiérrez, explained that the resources projected for 2022 will not be enough for the projects they seek to implement in their demarcations.

For example, he stated that derived from a review, each town hall On average, it only has 27% of the budgetary resources to invest in public work.

“The resources we have to achieve everything that our demarcations need are very few,” said the mayor of Coyoacan.

While acknowledging that due to the pandemic the tax collection of the capital has decreased, the mayor explained that they ask to meet with the head of government of the city, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, as well as with local deputies, so that the projected budget items can be reviewed and see how much it could be increased.

The mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, pointed out that requesting this increase is not only for the mayoralties governed by the opposition, but for the entire Mexico City.

“We are ready to accompany the head of government and invite her to fight in the Chamber of Deputies, so that they give us more budget, “he said, also pointing out that if resources are increased, better public services can be provided.

Mauricio Tabe added that the Capital Fund, that for two years no resources have been allocated.


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