CDMX announces that all its public schools will have free internet

Due to the fact that Mexico City became last year the city with the most free Wi-Fi points in the world, capital authorities announced that by 2022 all public schools in the capital and about 3,200 housing units will have Internet gratuitous.

At a press conference, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, indicated that this expansion of points is part of the investment of 1,500 million pesos to ensure that the entire city has digital connectivity.

“The announcement that I want to make today is that this year, all public schools will be connected to free internet; all public schools (…) And the second thing, we are also going to connect to free Wi-Fi, about 3,200 housing units in the city, starting, obviously, with the most scarce resources: social interest units. We are going to go all year long, we are going to report to see how they can connect, so that they do not have to spend on their data, ”he assured.

He explained that there will be 11,000 additional Wi-Fi points in 2,662 public schools for the benefit of 1.4 million students. In addition, there will be 7,610 points in 3,200 Housing Units for the benefit of 615,115 households and an estimated 2.5 million people.

This will mean that by the end of 2022, the country’s capital will have 33,392 free Wi-Fi points.

“When we arrived there were less than 100 points, today we have more than 22,000 and the announcement that I want to make today is that this year, all public schools will be connected to free Internet, all public schools (… ) So, the news is that by the end of the year we will have more than 33,000 Wi-Fi points”, he deepened.

He specified that by achieving this, schools will be able to count on greater educational tools, which will make the population more attractive in the long term for the generation of specialized industries.

In addition, together with the federal authorities and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Telecommunications, 300 more points will be added in 300 neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city; as well as 300 points in 218 stations of the Metrobús Transportation System for the benefit of 950,000 daily users.

According to the Government of Mexico City, there are currently 22,637 Wi-Fi points in the capital in the 16 municipalities, where people can connect to the internet through the C5 poles.

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