CDMX and BC seek to detonate the aerospace industry in Vallejo-i

In order to detonate the aerospace industry, capital authorities announced that the implementation of a project to link with Baja California, one of the leading entities in this sector, has already begun.

From the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, reported that the first business visit of businessmen from the Baja California Aerospace Cluster was made to the Vallejo-i industrial zone, which derives from a first meeting held a few years ago. weeks with the new authorities of the peninsular state, as well as its Private Initiative.

He specified that there are two agreements; The first is that in addition to receiving advice from the Baja California business sector, it seeks to attract investment from companies in the northern state.

“An agreement is to show the industrial entrepreneurs who have developed the aerospace industry in Baja California our Vallejo-i project; that they come to know him, that we find the ways, the opportunities for development, for collaboration. Vallejo-i has great opportunities, not only this Innovation Center that still has enormous potential, with its Data Center ”, he said.

The second agreed point consists of achieving a link between the capital’s educational institutions with the Baja California aerospace sector; that the engineers of the IPN, UNAM and the UAM have access to a specialization and a greater job offer.

“The link with the academy and at the same time, the development of clean industry; and the great advantage that Pantaco has, which is the most modern and largest dry port in Latin America ”, he added.

Sheinbaum Pardo stressed that this sector has many opportunities for growth, in addition, it will take care that it becomes a clean industry.

In that vein, he elaborated that these two agreements will allow the capital to follow the same path that Baja California and Querétaro occupy, seeking to be at the same level.

Businessmen from Russia, China and India also attended, so it is intended that more businessmen from this sector of Baja California arrive through a schedule of visits.

Meanwhile, for 2022 an initial investment of 12,000 million pesos is expected in innovation, design and simulation projects to be developed in Vallejo-i.

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