CDMX achieves savings in public markets due to the implementation of photovoltaic panels: Sedeco

The Secretary of Economic Development (Sedeco) of Mexico City announced that bimonthly savings of 68,000 pesos have been generated, derived from the implementation of sustainable energy systems in public markets.

The holder of the Sedeco, Fadlala Akabani Hneide, explained that these are seven supply centers that are producing electricity from photovoltaic panels.

These are the markets of San Antonio Tecomitl, San Pablo Oztotepec and San Pedro Atocpan in the municipality of Milpa Alta. As well as those of Gabriel Hernández, Progreso Nacional and San Felipe de Jesús in Gustavo A. Madero, in addition to the Villa Coapa market in Tlalpan.

To achieve the installation of these new systems, the secretary pointed out that the Institutional Action for the Promotion and Improvement of the Public Markets of Mexico City was implemented in coordination with the mayors, where the investment was 73 million pesos.

The energy transition and sustainable development are fundamental for this administration, today we have seven public markets that were renewed and opted to use photovoltaic panels for their operation ”, he indicated.

He added that these supply centers also received support from specialists in solar energy from the General Directorate of Energy and Sustainability of Sedeco.


According to the secretary, the systems placed in each market have an average capacity of 46,200 Watts, to produce 98% of the energy they need to stay in operation.

“The useful life of these systems is 25 years, so the recovery of the investment is assured”, he deepened.

In addition, with the use of this technology, 360,000 tons of CO2 will no longer be emitted into the atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to planting 9,000 trees.


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