CDC Urges Pregnant Women to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made an urgent appeal to pregnant women to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The health agency reported that immunization rates among that population have lagged.

Because it is important? In a health notice Released Wednesday, the CDC recommended coronavirus vaccines “before or during pregnancy because the benefits of vaccination outweigh the known or potential risks.”

  • The recommendation applies to pregnant women, those who recently had a baby, or those who plan to have children.
  • Coronavirus-related deaths among pregnant women reach their highest levels during the pandemic.

The data: As of Monday, there have been more than 125,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases among pregnant women, including more than 22,000 hospitalizations and 161 deaths, according to government data. 22 of those deaths occurred in August, the highest monthly total in the pandemic, the CDC added.

  • In 2021, approximately 97% of hospitalized pregnant women (due to illness or labor) with confirmed coronavirus were not vaccinated, according to the COVID-19 Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID-NET).
  • As of September 18, 2021, 31% of pregnant women were fully vaccinated before or during their pregnancy.

Main source of the news: The Washington Post.

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