CCE Puebla expects to recover 5,000 jobs in the first quarter of 2022

Puebla, Pue. The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) would only commit to recovering 5,000 of the 16,200 pending lost jobs —due to the covid-19 pandemic— in the next three months, said its president Ignacio Alarcon Rodriguez Pacheco.

He commented that knowing the behavior of the Omicron variant and that contagions are on the rise, the partners are evaluating only detonating a third of jobs, especially in industry and construction, while in business and services they are reserved because sales will be low due to the January slope.

Rodríguez Pacheco mentioned that they hoped there would be no increase in Covid-19 infections as a result of the vaccination, but the social relaxation regarding sanitary measures, especially at the end of the year, led to the plans being partially halted.

He pointed out that although the lethality of the virus by Omicron is lower than what was seen in the middle of last year, it does deserve to reinforce the measures to safeguard the lives of vulnerable people.

In the case of jobs, he commented that the large industries of various items will open contracts because they need to increase operations or expand the ships, which they cannot modify due to an annual planning that they do at the end of the year, in which construction works are considered. .

Rodríguez Pacheco indicated that it will be in February when the vacancies are opened, but it also depends on the government of Puebla not making adjustments regarding reducing the economic activities.

“We cannot commit ourselves to more in the CCE, because we need to have an achievable goal, as long as there are the conditions to do it, because otherwise, if the fourth wave of infections it gets serious, then we won’t reach that number of pending jobs either,” he deepened.

He considered it important that businessmen do not relax sanitary measures within companies, because there is a risk of massive contagion and it can affect operations.

In the case of trade and services, he stated that it will be until Holy Week when they may have an improvement in sales, but before that date the activity is “developing up to date”, although they rule out layoffs, because there were no temporary jobs for summer vacations Christmas Y End of the year.

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