Puebla, Pue. The president of Business Coordinating Council (CEC) in PueblaIgnacio Alarcón Rodríguez Pacheco, urged mayors of the metropolitan area to give tangible results in security and economic development, because at least in terms of insecurity they have been exceeded and “there is not enough collaboration with state and federal authorities.”

He indicated that these issues are part of the business agenda, but so far they see few results in the municipalities, despite the fact that they have been in office for more than six months, entering October 2021.

He commented that by concentrating 70% of the economic activity in the metropolitan area, because the automotive and textile industriesit is important that city councils pay attention to working with the Private initiative to deal with the difficult situation as an effect of the covid-19 pandemic.

The leader pointed out that the mayors must commit to giving results in the short term, since it is only three years, although with the possibility of being re-elected for one more period.

He considered that entrepreneurs through their different organizations cannot be excluded from the development of the metropolitan area, because they have a broader X-ray of where the municipalities where they have their factories or businesses should travel.

“Each municipality brings its own ideas, but the businessmen ask to be taken into account with their agenda that was prepared with the support of the 27 chambers and associations, which they presented to the state government.

Attraction of projects

He warned that investors will not come to the municipalities on their own, but the authorities do not have a clear picture of what type of projects they can attract based on the characteristics of each territory.

Alarcón Rodríguez commented that there are areas of opportunity, but it goes hand in hand with the authorities understanding that they must improve security, especially in commercial and manufacturing areas, since the companies want at least that guarantee.

He admitted that 2021 was complicated, since they thought that during this year the companies would be reactivated, but this did not happen, at the same time that the past municipalities did not want to collaborate with the Private Initiative for strategies that will promote a slow but sure economic recovery.

The ECC He hopes that the municipal authorities do not neglect the issues raised and neither are they closed to having a vision beyond three years of government.

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