CCE Puebla asks for speed in regulatory improvement

Puebla, Pue. The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) in Puebla considered it important that before the end of 2022, a better simplification of procedures be speeded up, in order to combat corruption and provide transparency in favor of citizens and businessmen.

Ignacio Alarcón Rodríguez Pacheco, president of the organization, stressed that with the regulatory improvement, the procedures that have the most impact on people’s lives, especially with entrepreneurs and those who want to start their business, will achieve greater efficiency.

He indicated that public policies should be aimed at strengthening and guaranteeing the quality of service with citizens, “who are sometimes not taken into account for regulatory improvement.”

Regardless of the administration in turn, the businessman considered that the programs and service updates must have continuity and not be reinvented every six years.

He stressed that the implementation of improvements in public policies, explaining to the citizen the reason for the procedures, simplifying, digitizing and evaluating time generate certainty, transparency and integrity.

The representative of 27 business chambers commented that local governments are making efforts to raise the quality of care, but they must be accompanied by training because they are the first contact with the citizen.

Alarcón Rodríguez referred that “there is much to be done in terms of redesigning procedures and public services, with 6.5 million inhabitants in the entity in 217 municipalities that require regulatory improvement and anti-corruption systems.”

He insisted that there must be a thorough review of the programs and procedures that should be simpler, which helps businessmen to plan an investment in the state.

“Citizens will always have to be the center of attention for the authorities, thinking that every day in offices or on the internet there are hundreds of procedures that are carried out, and if they are not improved, the only thing that fosters is corruption,” said the leader of the CCE.

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