CCE Edomex supports administrative simplification law initiative

Derived from the fact that a bill for administrative simplification and investment attraction was recently presented to the Special Commission for Economic Recovery of the Congress of the State of Mexico, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) The local government announced that it will support its approval, since this could generate a new dynamic for the opening of companies, precisely the growth rate would be accelerated.

At a press conference, the president of the State of Mexico CCE, Laura González Hernández, pointed out that this initiative contains a new framework not previously contemplated in the entity, since provisional licensesimmediate or operating permits to economic units of medium impact.

“A period of 180 calendar days will be granted, during which you must verify the information provided by the owner and determine the authorizations, licenses, permissions or any other document that you must process and obtain before the different instances, in order to receive your operating license, this is a change in the current process”, he assured.

Likewise, he explained that it is included that the authority grant the operating license to the economic units of low or medium impact, which do not receive the fictitious affirmative within the term.

He also pointed out that it is sought to generate that the granting of the provisional operating license or permit can be applied to medium-risk economic units that do not imply risks.

“It is necessary for the current legislature to support this initiative that will help the arrival of investment, job creation and efficiency in the procedures of municipal administrations (…) It contains important issues to support the opening of companies based on good faith, confidence and agile procedures”, he reiterated.


Laura González considered that it is necessary to include the proposal to prohibit ex officio verifications for MSMEs and economic units of low and medium impact that are found within 180 calendar days after submitting their request for a permit or provisional license.

“Or, within the term granted to process the corresponding authorizations, licenses or permits,” he stressed.

Likewise, it requested that a series of protocols and rules be included in the verification visits focused on the principles of efficiency, speed, free of charge and good faith.


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