Catholic elementary teachers step up labor action and ban parent-teacher interviews

Toronto Catholic teachers are improving their job action by refusing to participate in the November parent-teacher interviews.

The board has called the move a “pointless action,” especially in light of the tumultuous last 18 months of schooling during the pandemic.

Julie Altomare Di-Nunzio, director of Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers, said that “we really want this to encourage parents to get involved and talk to the trustees and say ‘let’s get back to the table, let’s make a deal.’

Teachers, however, will contact parents if “urgent” problems arise, he added.

Teachers are already turning down extracurricular activities and last spring their labor action included basic report cards.

Toronto Catholic District School Board President Joseph Martino said the board “sees this not only as a retreat from core teacher obligations that will be addressed accordingly by the board, but also as a pointless approach. for local collective bargaining that directly and intentionally attacks and harms elementary school students.

“… For many months, the board has offered the union a reasonable and fair local collective agreement that is fully in line with the agreement signed and ratified by our high school teachers union.”

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